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MARCH 2001
Volume 2 Number 3

Teachers.Net celebrates 5 years this month! Read about how teachers across the planet have visited and contributed to shape this most dynamic of collaborative educator projects!
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
Alfie Kohn Article
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Jan Fisher Column
BCL Classroom by Kim Tracy
Reform Demands on Educators
Bullies: Advice for Teachers
Around the Block With...
Are Black Children Treated Differently?
The Cherub
Brain Awareness Week
Celebrating Dr. Seuss
The Issue of Violence in Our Schools
Rethinking How We Raise Teenagers
Contextual Clarity Before Curricular Concept
Early Mainstreaming for Visually Impaired
How Do You Stop a Bully?
Technology Integration
Is Distance Learning For You?
Short Fiction Paradigm Shift
The Unsinkable Sub
Things I Learned From My Daughter
Preventing Rules From Falling Apart
Web News & Events
Upcoming Ed Conferences
Letters to the Editor
New in the Lesson Bank
Humor from the Classroom
Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
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NEW: Around the Block With Cheryl Ristow...
When I discovered Teachers.Net several years ago, one of the most exciting things was meeting the many teachers from different parts of the world who visited regularly. While we all have some concerns in common, it has been fascinating to hear how teaching varies from country to country and even from state to state within the USA....

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Time To Reform Demands On Educators...
Public school teachers, please forgive us. We send you our often tired, muddled, poorly prepared or just flat-out poor masses of children yearning to sleep in. We expect - no, we demand - that you work miracles by refining our precious raw materials into brilliant gems. We offer you little pay, limited help and unlimited interference....

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Brain Awareness Week, March 12-18, 2001
Brain Awareness Week is celebrated in schools to help guide educators and parents in the best strategies for learning and in promoting healthy environments to protect ourselves from brain damage accidents, such as bike riding without a helmet or headbutting soccer balls...

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Dealing with Educational Innovations...
Just look around and you'll find as many technology in the classroom magazines as there are Web sites with lesson plans aimed at integrating technology. There are rafts of conferences that suggest this techno-gizmo and that techno-gizmo as the answer to specific issues in technology integration. What's a classroom teacher to do...?

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Wired For Short Fiction...
Nearly twenty years later, I chose to alter the study of the short story in my curriculum. I was not interested in teaching the same old short stories again. I had been reading peer reviewed short stories on the Internet and was enjoying the short stories I was reading. I decided to share them with my scholars....

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Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday...
The morning started off with the students being served "Green Eggs and Ham" for breakfast. Fourth grade teacher, Nancy Salsman along with the help of her grandson, Tanner wheeled in a birthday cake to kick off the celebration....

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Teachers.Net Celebrates 5 Years!
Welcome to our sixth year as a community of teachers supporting each other online at Teachers.Net. We are grateful to you for choosing to make Teachers.Net your home base in cyberspace! Since 1996, when Teachers.Net released some of the first teacher-specific bulletin boards and mailing lists on the Internet, we have remained committed to maintaining these resources for teachers at no charge to users. It is our strong belief that teachers need and indeed deserve free access to information and to each other. The Internet provides an excellent avenue for a unique form of peer support. We are proud to have kept our commitment to free teacher access, and we will continue to research and develop even more online applications for teacher support....
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The Empowerment Of Choice
Teaching young people about choice-response thinking - that they need not be victims - may be one of the most valuable thinking patterns we can give them.... Full story
Drawing and Quartering the 4-Blocks
I don't think departmentalizing the blocks is at all ideal. The best scenario is definitely one teacher teaching all the blocks. 4-Blocks is so much more effective and beneficial....
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Harry & Rosemary Wong: What Successful New Teachers Are Taught
If you are a new teacher, the research overwhelmingly says that over 50 percent of you will not be teaching after 3 to 5 years. Seventeen percent of you will not even last one year. Your talents and life are much too valuable to see one to five years of your life being wasted as well as the education you pursued useless. Find a district with an induction program that sends a message to you that they care about you, that they value you, and that they want you to succeed and stay....
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The Pygmalion Effect
The process of setting expectations for children is tricky, because teachers and parents don't want to push a child to achieve beyond his or her capabilities and then see that child stop trying due to fear of failure....
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Fighting The Tests
Donít let anyone tell you that standardized tests are not accurate measures. The truth of the matter is they offer a remarkably precise method for gauging the size of the houses near the school where the test was administered....
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Kathy Noll: Advice For Parents & Teachers
Victims are usually loners. Children who appear to be friendless can be magnets for bullies. Many times it's how kids carry themselves. The bullies pick up on that. They also might pick on children who are different - mental or physical handicaps. Girls in cliques will pick on you simply because you don't wear your hair or clothes they way they see fit to be cool. (Insults, Gossip, Rejection, Spreading Rumors) Sometimes there is "no reason" why a bully picks a certain kid to pick on....
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Jan Fisher: Tattling - or Reporting?
Would any of you wrestle with the decision to report a gunman to the authorities? I doubt it. There is a reason for this---adults have developed discriminators that tell us what kinds of things should be reported and what kinds of things are simply busybody behavior. Kids do not have such discriminators. They need to be taught when and under what circumstances they have the responsibility to report certain behavior or information....
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How Do You Stop a Bully?
Not all prejudice ends in violence, of course. But it does frequently end in bullying behavior. Bullies are people who may feel inferior and need to prove something. They get a feeling of power by scaring or bossing other kids around....
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The Issue of Violence in Our Schools
We have to recognize the value of every student in our classrooms. We need to stop this cycle of violence caused by cruel words.... Full story

Jan Birney: Rethinking How We Raise Teenagers
Our children need to be protected, from the adults who peddle disaster to them, from each other when they turn in anger and violence on their peers, and sometimes, from themselves, when the choices they make render consequences they can't possibly understand....
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