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Volume 1 Number 7

Ride along with the Hole in the Wall Gang this month and discover the special camp founded by Paul Newman nestled away in the quiet hills of Connecticut.
Effective Teaching by Harry Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
The Trouble With... by Alfie Kohn
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Schoolhouse Views by Beth Bruno
To Refer or Not to Refer
Tell A Number Trick
BCL Classroom Environments
Links Worth The Click
Morning Meetings
FLingers Block Party
Bridging the Digital Divide
Science Teacher Initiative
Poetry Contest for Canadian Youth
Developing a Positive Home-School Relationship
Classroom Rules Can Be Sweet
Teaching the Visually Impaired
BJ Treks Outback
Teacher To Ski Antarctica
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Developing a Positive Home-School Relationship...
Something I hear from other teachers that infuriates me is, "Those parents just don't care about their kids." I do not agree with this statement. Parents who are struggling to pay their bills face problems that their middle and upper class counterparts don't. This year, I noticed many reasons why some of my students' parents weren't involved in their children's education. Some of them didn't have cars and had trouble getting from place to place. Some had bosses that wouldn't allow them to take off without losing a day's pay....

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Educating Blind Students...
When early elementary classes are engaged in story time, teachers often use finger and hand puppets, felt figures, or other objects to make a story come to life for children. In the case of the visually impaired child, a teacher may wish to use objects that have a specific smell or scent to them to allow that child to use his or her other senses to make the story come to life....

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Bridging the Digital Divide...
The Internet has ushered in the greatest period of wealth creation in history. It has transformed the way we deliver and receive information and the way we do business. It has changed education in ways we never thought of. It has been a force that was unexpected. The force that is with us , is the force of change. The place where this change makes the most difference is debated, but a child growing up without access, knowledge, or understanding of the use of technology and its importance in today's world is handicapped....

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The Hole in the Wall Gang
Ride along with the Hole in the Wall Gang this month and discover the special camp founded by Paul Newman nestled away in the quiet hills of Connecticut.
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The Problem Isn't Discipline
Just in time for back to school, Harry & Rosemary Wong point out the world of difference between management and discipline.
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4 Blocks: Leveled Books
This month 4 Blocks literacy guru Cheryl Sigmon answers the question, "What Will I Do With All Those Leveled Books?" Full story

New Gazette Feature: Alfie Kohn!
Teachers.Net is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the internationally known and respected author Alfie Kohn. During coming months the Teachers.Net Gazette will feature articles by Alfie Kohn, reprinted with his permission for the Teachers.Net community of educators. Alfie has written seven books on education and human behavior, including Punished By Rewards and The Schools Our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and Tougher Standards. Please join us in welcoming Alfie to our growing staff of outstanding contributors!
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BCL Environments
In this month's article "Classroom Enrichment" Kim Tracy explores the link between classroom environments and its effect on stimulating learning.
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Reducing Perfectionism
"You cannot learn and be perfect at the same time." Marvin Marshall offers advice for teachers concerned with achieving perfection. Full story

To Refer or Not to Refer...
Jan Fisher poses the age-old question: "To Refer or Not to Refer..." Read the latest article from Teachers.Net's favorite mentor and be prepared for that back-to-school discipline problem just over the horizon!
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