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Ride along with the Hole in the Wall Gang this month and discover the special camp founded by Paul Newman nestled away in the quiet hills of Connecticut.
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Candy & Candy Wrapper Ideas
compiled by Sylvia/CA

I have these lists of "Classroom rules" and a "Halloween Candy Message" that I think were originally made up by Janice/4/OK. Below the "rules" are a few other things I have. I, myself, send "candy messages" where I use actual candy bars taped to poster board where I write the message. Maybe you'll find something here that is useful.

Classroom Rules can be so SWEET!

If you are late, you will miss THE TOOTSIE ROLL call.

You shouldn't tell WHOPPERS about your friends.

Work hard and report card day will be a great PAYDAY.

Be a GOBSTOPPER and keep your glue closed tightly.

Do your best work and SKOR high!!!

Be SMARTIES and keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

CRUNCHing & KRACKELing paper is not necessary.

Behavior is rewarded with GOOD & PLENTY of fun.

Treat everyone with respect and not like NERDS.

Do your work in class where you won't have MOUNDS of homework.

Make sure your "i's" and "j's" have DOTS.

It is kind to be a LINDOR when a friend is in need.

We all make mistakes and SNICKERS aren't kind!

Don't be AIR HEADS -- stay on task.

No ROLO blading on the school grounds.

Be a RED HOTS student and do your work.

Class Rules

There will be no SNICKERS from the class when someone gives an unusual answer.

When a STARBURST of an idea enters your mind, please raise your hand.

MOUNDS of compliments can't replace one insult, so please choose your words carefully.

All rules must be followed- BAR NONE!

The consequence for broken rules will be time out on MARS!

Halloween CANDY message for kids

(WHATCHAMACALLIT) Halloween is coming soon. Here are a few rules for happy haunting.

  1. You may want to wear a funny costume that will make people (SNICKERS). Some of you might want to dress up like a man from (MARS) or perhaps even a (KITKAT). Just be sure that you wear a costume that allows you to see clearly.
  2. Take an adult with you to help you cross the (ROCKY ROAD). Perhaps your (SUGAR DADDY) will come along.
  3. Be polite, don't act like (NERDS) and drive people (BONKERS). Be a little (SWEE-TARTS) and say "thank you."
  4. Take a flashlight along to light your ( MILKY WAY) then you won't fall and (CHUNCH) or (KRACKEL) your body into (100 GRAND) pieces.
  5. When you have finally arrived back home with all your loot, you will realize you have had a big (PAYDAY). You will be in a state of complete (ALMOND JOY). Before you eat your goodies, have a (BIG HUNK) of an adult check your treats.

    HUGS AND KISSES, (Use the candies)

    The great pumpkin (Use pumpkin candies.)

    Not sure who originated these, but I'm including these, too. They seem more appropriate for the end of the school year...

    Candy bar awards


    We want to thank you for all you do for us. You do GOOD AND PLENTY around here. You help us by giving us MOUNDS of homework so that we can SKOR well on all of our tests. We know that the lessons you have taught us will help us both NOW AND LATER in life. Sometimes you are a HOT TAMALE and other times a BIG RED but we know that you love us to (REESE'S)PIECES and that you would do anything for us even though we act NUTRAGEOUS at times. We wish we could give you a 100 GRAND on PAYDAY but you will have to settle for HUGS and KISSES and a SYMPHONY of voices saying thank you. Love,


    1. WHOPPERS - for the best story telling.
    2. MILKY WAY - for the class daydreamer.
    3. MR. GOODBAR - for the student who exhibits good qualities of friendship.
    4. JOLLY RANCHER - for the person always telling jokes.
    5. NESTLE CRUNCH - an alternative for pencil chewing.
    6. SKOR - for athletes in the class.
    7. DOVE - the class peacemaker.
    8. SYMPHONY - for anyone musical.
    9. BUTTERFINGER - for the person who broke the most things.
    10. BIT-O-HONEY - for someone very sweet
    11. BABY RUTH - for baseball-minded student.
    12. TEDDY GRAHAMS - for the most huggable.
    13. ALMOND JOY - for the person who is always happy.
    14. HERSHEYS KISSES - for the class flirt.
    15. PAYDAY - for someone who always forgets his lunch money
    16. LIFESAVERS - for the person who is always helping someone in need.
    17. LAFFY TAFFY - for someone who is always laughing.
    18. SWEET-TARTS - for a sweet girl or boy
    19. GUMMY BEARS - for a very lovable child.
    20. SPREE - for someone who loves to shop.
    21. KIT KAT - for the student always at the teacher's side.
    22. NUTRAGEOUS - for the wild and crazy person in class.
    23. OUCH BUBBLE GUM - for the one who got hurt the most.
    24. THREE MUSKETEERS - for the one always with the group.
    25. SNICKERS - for the class giggler

    Re: here's a few ideas - maybe
    Posted by Mamsy on 5/22/00

    Box of Mints - You were "meant" to be a great student!

    100,000 bar - You are just "grand"!

    Crunch bar - You came through in a crunch!

    M & M's - You are just "marvelous" and "mighty"! (or something that works)

    Sweet Tarts - You are so sweet!

    Kisses - Hugs and kisses to students like you! (this would be for lower grade levels)

    Maybe these will help you out - I have used some of these through the years!!

    My own messages:

    Dear Susan (secretary)
    U-NO how Iíve been causing a few CHUCKLES with my ĎSweetí stories? Well now itís PAYDAY for you! I owe you so many TANGS for all that you do for us! You are one of the SENSATIONS that I know I can always rely on. I could go to MARS or search the MILKYWAY but Iím sure I could never find SMARTIES like you! Iíd like to go on and on but I know I BUTTERNUT because youíre eager to take advantage of your PAYDAY NOW&LATER I may come back asking for a few more favors.(!!) I love working with LIFESAVERS like you!!! From your favorite (?) ZAGNUT----> Sylvia

    Dear Jennie, (attendance clerk)
    Look! I know itís almost Payday but I thought youíd like to have some Chuckles a few days early. I want you to know for Now&Later when I may forget to say so, that I appreciate all you do to help keep things running so smoothly. Itís Smarties like you that keep us from getting the Skitttles Sensations when we open our scantrons and see so many Holes to fill in! Itís amazing you havenít become a Zagnut with all the tiny details you have deal with each day! Oh! I Butternut forget to say Tangs for all the Lifesavers favors youíve done for me, too!