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Volume 1 Number 7

Ride along with the Hole in the Wall Gang this month and discover the special camp founded by Paul Newman nestled away in the quiet hills of Connecticut.
Effective Teaching by Harry Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
The Trouble With... by Alfie Kohn
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Schoolhouse Views by Beth Bruno
To Refer or Not to Refer
Tell A Number Trick
BCL Classroom Environments
Links Worth The Click
Morning Meetings
FLingers Block Party
Bridging the Digital Divide
Science Teacher Initiative
Poetry Contest for Canadian Youth
Developing a Positive Home-School Relationship
Classroom Rules Can Be Sweet
Teaching the Visually Impaired
BJ Treks Outback
Teacher To Ski Antarctica
New at Teachers.Net
Letters to the Editor
Poll: Favorite Quotes
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Teachers.Net Archives...
Have you missed out on some of our best live chats ever? Now you can sit in on the past with celebrated educational authors and guests. Visit the Teachers.Net Archive today!
On Archive: BCL Chat...
On February 2, 2000, Teachers.Net hosted a live chat with Rita King, co-author with Carolyn Chapman of Test Success in the Brain Compatible Classroom. The BCL Chat transcript was featured in the Teachers.Net Gazette July 2000 issue. Click here to review the BCL chat transcript and be sure to visit our Brain-Compatible Chatboard for your direct connection to BCL mentors around the world!
Upcoming Live Events...
All live events are at 9pm * Eastern * in the Meeting Room, unless otherwise indicated. All live events are available free of charge to educators. Contact Kathleen Carpenter to suggest or inquire about moderating a live event.

Wednesday September 6 Brain-Compatible Learning Chat

Join Teachers.Net for a thought-provoking live chat on the topic of Brain-Compatible Learning. All classroom environments were not created equal - find out why educators across the country are proclaiming BCL as one of the most simple yet revolutionary approaches to learning. Brain-compatible learning, pioneered by Eric Jensen and other disciples around the world, helps teachers understand the mechanisms that promote or impede learning - from simple environmental factors like lighting and sound, to complex biochemical changes and cycles experienced by our students daily. Bring your thinking cap and prepare to see your classroom in a whole new light, and join our moderator Kim Tracy Wednesday September 6 at 9pm Eastern time in the Teachers.Net Meeting Room for an exciting and informative live workshop!

Wed September 6 - 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Meeting Room

09/01 NBPTS Exceptional Needs Certification Chat. Sponsored by Apples 'n' Acorns
09/02 4 pmE-NBPTS EC-Gen Certification Chat. Visit the NBPTS Early Childhood Generalist Chatboard at
09/03 4pmE-Grade 2 Teachers Chat. THEN at 8pmE-Fourth Grade Teachers Chat. No moderator, open chat. The Upper Elementary Chatboard is at
09/04 Labor Day - No Event Today. Coming in October: Distinguished guests/authors Bobbi Fisher - The Teacher Book: Finding Personal and Professional Balance AND Alfie Kohn - The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools
09/05 Early Childhood/Primary Chat. Moderator: Debbie Heck. Visit the Early Childhood Chatboard at and Primary Chatboard
09/06 Brain Based Learning Theory Chat. Moderator: Kim/NC. The BBL Chatboard
09/07 Special Education Teachers Chat. Moderator: Randy/TN. Visit the Special Education Chatboard at
09/08 NBPTS Exceptional Needs Certification Candidates' Chat. General chatboard for elementary and secondary National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification candidates
09/09 4 pmE-NBPTS Early Childhood-Generalist Candidates' Chat. NBPTS Early Childhood Generalist Candidates' Chatboard:
09/10 4 pmE-Gr. 2 Teachers' Chat THEN at 8pmE-Fourth Grade Teachers Chat. Teachers of all grade levels can subscribe to e-mail discussion groups, known as mailrings, at
09/11 Reading Recovery Teachers Chat. Moderator: Mary/PA. The Remedial Reading and Reading Recovery Chatboard at is just one part of the English Center
09/12 Early Childhood/Primary Teachers Chat. Transcripts of past sessions are a treasure trove of information, ideas, activities. Look for the EC/Primary section of
09/13 7pmE-Retired Teachers Chat. THEN at 9pmE: Teachers of multi-age groups. The Multi-Age Classroom Chatboard is open and available at
09/14 Student & Beginning Teachers Chat. Sponsored by Inspiring Teachers
09/15 NBPTS Exceptional Needs Certification Chat. Visit the NBPTS Elementary-Secondary chatboard at
09/16 4 pmE-NBPTS EC-Gen Chat. Visit the NBPTS Early Childhood Generalist Chatboard at
09/17 At 4pmE-Teachers of Gr. 2. THEN at 8pmE-Fourth Grade Teachers Chat
09/18 Substitute Teachers Chat Moderator/Mentor: Janet/AR, former substitute teacher, currently teaching grade four.
09/19 EC/Primary Teachers Read transcripts of past chats at
09/20 Elementary/Middle Grade Teachers Chat
09/21 Working With the Sight Impaired Student
09/22 NBPTS Exceptional Needs Certification Chat
09/23 4pmE-NBPTS EC-Gen Certification Chat
09/24 At 4pm-Gr. 2 Teachers, THEN at 8pmE Fourth Grade Teachers Chat
09/25 Reading Recovery Teachers Chat
09/26 Early Childhood/Primary Teachers Chat
09/27 8pmE-Teachers of the Gifted and Talented THEN at 9pmE Secondary Humanities Teachers Chat
09/28 8pmE-Librarians/Media Specialists Chat THEN 9pmE-4-Blocks Chat
09/29 NBPTS Exceptional Needs Certification Chat
09/30 4pmE-NBPTS EC-Gen. Certification Chat