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Volume 3 Number 6

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "The effective teacher is prepared"...
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Harry & Rosemary Wong:
Teaching Procedures Is Teaching Expectations

In real estate, the three magic words are location, location, location.
In teaching, the three magic words are prepare, prepare, prepare....

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How The Horse Whisperer Trains a Wild Mustang in 30 Minutes
by Dr. Marvin Marshall
Adults can use a little horse sense...
Why Are You Doing That?
by Cheryl M. Sigmon
Last week it happened again. A teacher came up to me during a seminar break to tell me how she didn't have time to get in all that needs to be included in her Guided Reading Block...
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Choosing Workshops, Seminars & Courses…that are Right for You!
by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber
Every teacher has had the experience of spending valuable time and money at a seminar or course and going away disappointed...

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Tips for Motivating Young Children
by Beth Bruno
Children need to learn how to handle a variety of social circumstances...
Assessing Online Learning -- A Brief Overview
by George París Conway
There are several ways to look at assessment in online learning...
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by Ginny Hoover
There has been some controversy about the value of homework...

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Sites For Beginning Teachers Part I
by Marjan Glavac
Here are five websites to help Beginning Teachers...
Ask the Literacy Teacher
by Leigh Hall
This month;
Developmentally Appropriate Writing for Kindergarten

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