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In Focus...
An invitation to The Archaeology Channel

by Gretchen Eisenbeis ( Intern for TAC

The Archaeology Channel ( is a public-education project of our nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI). We created this streaming-media website as a way of sharing with people everywhere the important messages of archaeology and indigenous peoples. TAC has value to educators in a variety of ways. Our on-demand streaming video and audio content may be used in classroom lessons and we have a Teacher Resources area (accessible from our home page) that includes lesson plans and other kinds of information designed to assist teachers in employing archaeology in the classroom. We are constantly expanding our list of videos (29 so far) and audio programs and adding new features. We are also about to expand our Teacher Resources area dramatically by compiling links to curriculum elements and other materials on the Web.

We and all professional archaeological organizations believe that archaeology has a largely untapped potential to excite kids about learning and provide valuable lessons, and not only about the human past. Archaeology is a valuable means of encouraging tolerance, multicultural perspectives and respect for diversity. Because archaeology involves many different disciplines, it can be used to teach any subject under the sun, including social studies, math, science, geography, writing, art, and many others. ALI is committed to promoting the use of archaeology by educators at all levels.

Any feedback you have should be directed to (Dr. Richard Pettigrew, Executive Director, Archaeological Legacy Institute).