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Volume 3 Number 6

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "The effective teacher is prepared"...
The Blueberry Story: The teacher gives the businessman a lesson byJamie Robert Vollmer
A LOOK AT . . . Getting Back to Basics by Alfie Kohn
We Have Achieved Education For All...Now We Seek Education for Each by Bill Page
Revisiting a "Fool's Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood" by Dr. Rob Reilly
Partner Book Talk Procedures -- Kindergarten Precursor to Literature Circles by Sandy Hamilton
How Teachers Can Benefit From School Choice by Robert Holland
The Tipping Point by Jay Davidson
Best Practice: Establish a "No Putdown Rule" in Your Classroom by Susan Gingras Fitzell
The Words We Use by Tom Drummond
Authoring an eBook in 10 Basic Steps! by Paul Jackson
Online Course with Leslie Bowman Aims to Break the Cycle of Bullying by Kathy Noll
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 6) by Grace Vyduna-Haskins
Teaching Is A Full Time Profession
In Quebec Many Politicians Do Not See It This Way
by Dave Melanson
Volunteer Recognition Poems from: The Second Grade mailring
Teachers.Net Adds Chatboards for all U.S. States & D.C. from: The Editor
Homeschooling from: ERIC Clearinghouse
True Scientific Literacy for All Students by Stewart E Brekke
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Teacher Feature...

Volunteer Recognition Poems

compiled by Vikki
on the Second Grade mailring

Volunteer/Parent Acrostic Poem

is for the valiant efforts you show each day
is for the organization that you display
is for the love you share with every child
is for the understanding in your smile
is for the need we have for your ability
is for the talents that we all like to see
is for everything you give to us
is for everybody that thinks you're fabulous
is for a reminder to come back next year because we would be lost without all of you here!


Where would we be without volunteers
Who quickly respond when a need appears?

This is the way you have chosen to serve~
What appreciation you deserve!

There are very many things to do
And YOUR time can only be given by YOU!

So without complaint and without demands
You offer the labor of your hands.

The world is a better place to live
When people like you are so willing to give.

With this attitude of love and of care
You will find a welcome anywhere.

You may not always know when someone
Is especially blessed by a kindness you've done:

As you freely share your hours and days,
May you also be blessed in many ways.


Volunteers are like Ford...
    they have better ideas.

Volunteers are like Coke...
    they're the real thing.

Volunteers are like Pepsi...
    they've got a lot to give.

Volunteers are like Dial...
    they care more, don't you wish everyone did.

Volunteers are like VO5 Hair Spray...
    they hold in all kinds of weather.

Volunteers are like Hallmark...
    they care enough to give the very best.

Volunteers are like Standard Oil...
    you expect more and you get it.

But most of all, Volunteers are like Frosted Flakes...


Show me a person who spends endless hours in training without pay,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person where a cry for help brings split-second dispatch,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person who is devastated when lives are lost or maimed,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person who is graciously welcomed as a next-door neighbor,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person who often takes more ridicule than complaints,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person whose car is garaged with the grille facing out,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person who sacrifices home life, TV...even tender moments,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person visibly moved at the strains of our National Anthem,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person who may be asked to give more than just dedication,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

Show me a person who is asked to give more...and more...and more,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

The Volunteer

The Volunteer is one with a heart so sincere No task too large, no task too small,

Who will help with anything at all.

Who will be there in the morning light, Or help in the dark of night.

The Volunteer, our extra hand,

On whose future our Children Stand.

Never anyone so dear as a <Your School's Name> Volunteer!

Because You're Special

We sometimes take for granted
In the rush of all we do,
And forget to say a special thanks
To volunteers like you!
So we send this note to tell you
How much all you do means,
Your gifts of time and of yourself
Are special ones indeed.