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In Focus...
CSEE's Summer Institute

From: Center for Social and Emotional Education

CSEE's 5th Annual Summer Institute Educating Minds and Hearts: Safe Schools, Healthy character development, Academic achievement and social-emotional education July 9 to 12, 2002 at Graduate Center of City University of New York 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

This Institute will focus on how K-12 educators can establish effective, high quality Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs in schools and will provide important resources and ideas for educators to infuse these core principles and practices into their classrooms and schools. The Institute will present a range of detailed information about SEL efforts at a classroom as well as a school-wide level. Effective SEL programs have been shown to:

  • enhance academic achievement,
  • promote healthy development,
  • develop effective citizenship,
  • reduce violence in school

Who should attend?

A broad audience of K-12 educators will find this Institute beneficial in their work: regular educators; special educators; school counselors/mental health professionals; other school specialists and administrators. Those who:

  • want to change and/or add to the current culture and curriculum of their classrooms and schools.
  • want to effectively promote students social and emotional competencies.
  • want to reduce social-emotional and/or physical violence and enhance safe and caring school climate.
  • have implementation experience and want to discuss and compare experiences, or reaffirm or expand their repertoire of techniques and strategies.

We strongly urge participants to attend with a group of colleagues who can reflect on ideas together during and after the Institute; however, individual registrants will also benefit from the program.

Conference Fees: $760
Academic credit will be available.

For more information please visit CSEE's website at or contact:

Center for Social and Emotional Education 1841 Broadway, Suite 713
NY, NY 10023