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Volume 3 Number 6

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "The effective teacher is prepared"...
The Blueberry Story: The teacher gives the businessman a lesson byJamie Robert Vollmer
A LOOK AT . . . Getting Back to Basics by Alfie Kohn
We Have Achieved Education For All...Now We Seek Education for Each by Bill Page
Revisiting a "Fool's Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood" by Dr. Rob Reilly
Partner Book Talk Procedures -- Kindergarten Precursor to Literature Circles by Sandy Hamilton
How Teachers Can Benefit From School Choice by Robert Holland
The Tipping Point by Jay Davidson
Best Practice: Establish a "No Putdown Rule" in Your Classroom by Susan Gingras Fitzell
The Words We Use by Tom Drummond
Authoring an eBook in 10 Basic Steps! by Paul Jackson
Online Course with Leslie Bowman Aims to Break the Cycle of Bullying by Kathy Noll
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 6) by Grace Vyduna-Haskins
Teaching Is A Full Time Profession
In Quebec Many Politicians Do Not See It This Way
by Dave Melanson
Volunteer Recognition Poems from: The Second Grade mailring
Teachers.Net Adds Chatboards for all U.S. States & D.C. from: The Editor
Homeschooling from: ERIC Clearinghouse
True Scientific Literacy for All Students by Stewart E Brekke
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Teacher Feature...

New At Teachers.Net

Teachers.Net Adds Chatboards for all U.S. States & D.C.

From the Editor

Teachers.Net has dramatically expanded with the addition of chatboards and mailrings for every state in the U.S. and the District of Columbia. Teachers.Net had previously included affiliates for school administrators, retired teachers, Australian, New Zealand, U.K., and Canadian educators. But further expansion was deemed necessary.

"It was time for Teachers.Net to "come home" in a provide for educators in each of the states, forums where they can discuss issues related specifically to their regions," according to Kathleen Carpenter, Director of Promotions for the site.

While the dozens of curriculum, specialty, and K-12 grade level "chatboards" and e-mail discussion groups meet many of the needs of tens of thousands of educators every week, Teachers.Net co-owners Bob Reap and Tony Bott recognized the importance of region specific resources.

According to Reap, "Education laws, issues, and practices differ by state. Teachers and school administrators in each state need a place where they can meet to collaborate and provide peer support. This expansion is our effort to do what we have always done: provide whatever resources our huge community of educators needs in order to perform what is one of the most challenging jobs imaginable."

Teachers.Net was established in 1996 and has expanded steadily to include 123 chatboards, around the clock live chat, thousands of lessons in a searchable data base, scheduled chat meetings (often featuring experts in the field of education), dozens of mailrings, a jobs section, and the popular online magazine, The Teachers.Net Gazette.

'Teachers.Net by State' with hyperlinks to all state and D.C. resources is now available at