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About Handy Teacher Recipes...

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Handy Teacher Recipes
by The Teachers.Net Community

Butterfly Sandwich

Butterfly sandwiches are a terrific and tasty follow-up to a lesson on symmetry during your butterfly unit. The pictured sandwich was made with peanut butter spread on one slice from a loaf of sandwhich bread, decorated with raisins, sliced almonds, cherries, cereals, and chocolate bits. The body is a wedge of apple, and celery forms the antennae.

There are many possible variations. Use cream cheese or mayonnaise in place of peanut butter and decorate with sliced olives (black or green, or both), bits of veggies, cheese and pickles, pretzels for antennae, green pepper for the body. The possibilities are endless!

(When children cut their own bread they work with geometry...square to triangle, and the concept of "half.")

from The Editor

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