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Volume 3 Number 8

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "An induction program is an organized, sustained, multiyear process with many activities designed to help you succeed...."
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Gazette Home Delivery:

The Maiden Week
by P R Guruprasad The First week in school is the most important period in the academic life of the school...

A PowerPoint Presentation

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Is Learning to Read Easier Than Learning to Play the Piano?
by Grace Vyduna-Haskins Just as in learning to play the piano, many young readers need to master the small parts before they can proceed to the whole...

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Summer Recess
by Joy Jones

A number of prominent educators are finally raising their voices against standardized testing---particularly multiple-choice, norm-referenced tests; particularly tests with "high stakes" (read: bribes and threats) attached; and particularly in the context of a federal mandate to force every state to test every student in grades 3-8 every year...

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Book Reviews - We Can Work It Out: Creating Peace in the Home & Songs for Howard Gray
by Susan Gingras Fitzell

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Beware of the Standards, Not Just the Tests
by Alfie Kohn

A number of prominent educators are finally raising their voices against standardized testing---particularly multiple-choice, norm-referenced tests; particularly tests with "high stakes" (read: bribes and threats) attached; and particularly in the context of a federal mandate to force every state to test every student in grades 3-8 every year...

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The Importance of Reading Aloud
by Lisa Frase (a.k.a. Mae in Texas)

How does one find time to read aloud? Teachers often put reading aloud to the side, as something nice, but lacking in instructional value. The truth is, if we couldn’t find time for anything else, we should find time for reading aloud. It is a powerful teaching tool that directly affects our students...

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Dealing with Dishonesty
by Tom Lucey

The following compilation consists of over fifty measures to prevent, detect, and respond to unethical student conduct. It also provides their sources for elaboration on this important topic...

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School was GREAT today because...
by Linda Todd

It's Monday morning. You wake up feeling good. You have a great week planned out. You have your schedule planned out. It all looks good on paper. You've put in extra time to make sure everything you need is ready to go. The classroom is clean, attractive, and smells good. You are ready! Then the kids come...

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The Teachers.Net Gazette is a cooperative publication by and for members of the Teachers.Net community. We accept for consideration brief articles (approximately 350-2500 words) on topics of interest to educators. Articles should be fully edited, spell checked, and ready for publication. Send submissions by e-mail to along with a brief biography written in third person. A digital photo (headshot) is desirable but optional. Teachers.Net reserves the right to edit articles accepted for publication.
Kathleen Carpenter - Editor in Chief
Mary Miehl - Technical Editor

Tips for Getting Published


Jan Zeiger:

Preparing for the First Day of School

I urge you to become familiar with the state standards for your grade level before school starts. Please note that I did not say become familiar with your textbooks...

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Dr. Rob Reilly:
Your Summer Reading List:
The Process of Change in a School System

The process of technology integration into the curriculum and into school systems themselves is a systematic process...

Janet Farquhar:
Dear Old Golden Rule Days
Chapter 2 -
Creative Activities

Before Sam's trial, and shortly after he decorated the school wall with paint water, Mrs. Day informed me that creative activities in the hands of an inexperienced teacher were a waste of time...

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Bill Page:
Making 2002-2003 The Best Year Ever

As teachers contemplate the coming school year, I offer what I have found to be some down-to-earth thoughts and reminders that have made a difference in my teaching success...

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Classroom Rules???

"No," I do not post classroom rules and, "Yes," I oppose doing so. My classroom rules are implicit, and like it or not, so are everyone else's...

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Learning Your Students' Names: Fun, Fast, Easy and Important

In a classroom where people know each other well and are friendly with one another, they feel free to speak and act in front of the class, to recite and not worry too much about making mistakes or what others think...

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From the Chatboards

Classroom Teachers' Management Tips (Part II)

Last month we posted a compilation of teachers' tips for organizing and managing classroom procedures. Here is a second installment offering tried and true tips implemented by veteran teachers...

Taylor Mali:
Objection overruled, or You can always go to law school if things don't work out

He says the problem with teachers is, "What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?"...

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Kathleen Carpenter, Editor in Chief:
Classroom Discipline Forum Will Support New and Veteran Educators

The Classroom Discipline chatboard and mailring, supplemented by monthly live chat meetings on the topic, will allow new and experienced classroom teachers, school administrators, and authors/consultants, including Marvin Marshall, to gather for the sharing and exploration of effective methods for improving students' behavior in school...

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Six Traits of Writing Forum

Teachers.Net has added a Six Traits of Writing Chatboard forum for the discussion of a writing model implemented by teachers of elementary and other grades in a growing number of districts across the country...

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Ideas for Welcoming Teachers & Students Back to School

Members of the Teachers.Net community have compiled ideas for "survival kits," "goodie bags," and other forms of welcome back gifts and activities for faculty and students...

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Dave Melanson:

The New Teacher and Coping With Special Needs Students in the Classroom

...just weeks before school starts you find out that you will be having a sight impaired child in your classroom...

Jay Davidson:
Learning About Community Service

...eight lessons that parents can convey to their children about the value of working with and for others...

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