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Volume 3 Number 8

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "An induction program is an organized, sustained, multiyear process with many activities designed to help you succeed...."
Communicator Update: June 2002 from: The Dirksen Congressional Center
Reggio Conference & Exhibit
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In Focus...
Reggio Conference & Exhibit

Introduction To The Reggio Emilia Approach
October 7th - 9th, 2002
Cost: before Aug. $ 300.00 USD
after Aug 30th. $ 350.00 USD
Place: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Advanced Reflections Of The Reggio Emilia Approach
October 9th - 10th, 2002
Cost: before Aug. $ 150.00 USD
after Aug 30th. $ 175.00 USD
Place: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Both Conferences:
Cost: before Aug. $ 400.00 USD
after Aug 30th. $ 450.00 USD

The Hundred Languages Of Children Exhibit (1st. European Version )
Cost: FREE
October 7th - November 7th

Conference & Exhibit Information

Speakers: Amelia Gambetti
Lella Gandini
Caty Franco

For more information contact: Or visit our web site at:

We are a private school in Mexico that has been working inspired on the Reggio Emilia Approach for nine years. We are part of the Reggio Children Network representing Mexico and currently working in forming a Reggio Network for Mexico, Latin America and the Spanish speaking communities around the world.

We will be hosting a four day conference cycle with direct participation of Amelia Gambetti and Lella Gandini next October 7-10, 2002 in the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Conferences will be held in english language and translated into spanish. We will also host for the first time in Mexico "The Hundred Languages of Children" exhibit, but this will be the European Version.

For more information about our school and the event, please visit our web

Feel Free to forward this information to whoever you think could be interested !!

Guillermo Ramirez Franco
Special Issues Coordinator
"The Workshop" Socioconstructivist Preschool & Elementary
Part of the Reggio Children Network in Mexico