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  • Teachers.Net Survey...

    by Kathleen Carpenter, Editor in Chief

    Another informal survey:

    Chatboard Poll: Weird Things Teachers Do

    This month's chatboard poll was initiated by "MaryB" who prompted, "Tell us something weird that you do."

    Posted by MaryB

    1. Like many people, I count stairs. (never did until my mother-in-law mentioned it many years ago)
    2. I HAVE to fall asleep on my right side.
    3. When working at the counter in the kitchen and I turn to the left to do something, I have to turn back the same way and don't make a complete circle by going to the right. (is that clear?)

    Someone on tv today said that she can't go to sleep near the open end of a pillow case.

    Posted by Jen/4/OH

    I only get out of bed in the morning if the time is divisible evenly by 5 using simple math. I don't know why I do this, I just do. If I get out of bed at any other time, my day just doesn't seem to go right.

    Posted by Cindy/PA

    I must always seat myself from the left, whether it be at school or at the salon, etc.

    Posted by V. Miller

    I sleep on my stomach with my legs in the air. I don't fall asleep this way, but I end up in this position during the night. It looks like the most uncomfortable position ever - I don't know how I do it.

    Posted by Kim/K-1/Ca

    When I am served a plate of food at a restaurant, I ALWAYS turn it at lease one half or one full turn. I don't know why.... I just do.

    Posted by Tex

    Clean underwear in the freezer in the summer (in a bag!).
    Nothing quite like stepping out of a hot shower & stepping into a pair of COLD underwear a minute later. (Have to wear a robe to get them, though!)

    Posted by jennyi

    I DON'T like my food touching!!!!

    Posted by Yellow Rose

    My dog sleeps at the foot of my bed every night. If he is not there, I can not sleep. I like to put my feet on his cool fur. I also like for him to lick my feet. Sometimes I put lotion on my feet just so he'll lick them ( he LOVES the lotion...guess he's weird too, just like me!)

    Posted by Elizabeth (TX/3)

    During a meal, I have to eat all of one item, turn my plate, eat all of the next item, turn the plate . . . and so on until my meal is finished.

    [No name supplied]

    When I have a headache I talk non-stop. I talk and talk until I have given everyone else around me a headache from endless chatter. For some reason it even seem to help my headache go away. Is that strange or what??

    Posted by Terryleigh

    If I start thinking about something that makes me uncomfortable - a problem I am not ready to tackle, some dumb comment I made that I am kicking myself about, etc - to rid myself of the thought I say something out loud. Sometimes it is part of my thought or it can be different. I have been given strange looks by what comes out of my mouth. LOL Drives me crazy - but I do it even before I can think about it.

    Posted by blondie

    I can't let my husband leave the house without saying "Drive safe." I feel sick in my stomach if I don't say it. I also find myself laying in bed, on my side, with my right arm straight up like I am raising my hand. I do this without knowing it and then when I realize I am doing this it freaks me out!

    Posted by Sunday Moon

    My clothes have to face the same way in my closet. And since I am a lefty, they face the opposite from a righty's closet. So, no righties can put my clothes on a hanger for me or it drives me nuts!

    I eat candy bars layer by layer. First the chocolate and then the nuts (if it is a Snickers or something) and then the nougat part. I can't ever eat sweets all together. Especially candy bars and Oreos.

    Posted by Paulie

    I love to eat potato chips with ice cream. I also like (cooked) chocolate pudding sandwiches. I count things using my tongue on the roof of my mouth. I have to scrunch my feather pillow into a ball and sleep with my left hand under it, palm up.

    Posted by YENDOR

    Before I use a cup or mug, I usually do a juggling trick with it. I flip it behind my back, so that it goes over my right shoulder and winds up in my right hand in the upright position. The kids at school would always watch for me to do the backward flip when my milk carton at lunchtime.

    When given an empty plate, I usually do a simple juggler's flip with it. I even do this at a restaurant if I am given an empty plate. I have been doing this for years now. So broken cups or mugs and one broken plate.

    Posted by Michelle/3/OR

    Like Terryleigh, I say a word out loud to stop my inner voice from reminding me of something stupid I've said or done. For many years, my word of choice was "Yum." Then I got tired of the looks from people who wonder why I'm saying "Yum," sometimes at very inappropriate times. So now I say my name, or Yum, or my son's name or "I love you."

    I can't go to sleep until tucking in my son one last time, no matter how many times I've already been in his room that night.

    Posted by tms

    I cannot sleep closest to the door in my own bedroom, a hotel, friend's guest room, whatever. I need for my husband to be closest to the door in case an ax murderer comes in during the night. This way I'll have the extra few moments to escape while the murderer chops up my husband. (He's okay with this theory. He says it's one of those little things that makes me special!) It's interesting that I have never lost a moment of sleep worrying about break ins or any other (normal) sort of criminal acts. I am only concerned about ax murderers.

    And finally, I cannot use a person's bathroom until I have checked that no one is hiding in the bathtub. I don't do it to snoop, but I just need to see, with my own eyes, that no one is there. I can't just assume that since I don't see a dark shadow in there it's safe. (I don't know exactly what I expect to find, maybe this is part of the recurring ax murderer theme.) -

    Posted by Alli

    I have a greater need for personal space than most people, I think. I like at least 5-6 feet between me and someone I don't know or don't know very well.

    I hate having to look people in the eyes when they're talking to me, though I do because I know it makes them more comfortable.

    I used to do this, but don't anymore...when I was reading, I would look at the last letter in each sentence of a paragraph to see if I could spell a word.

    Posted by lee/sped

    I talk to myself...just like my mother did. (I swore when I was growing up that I would never do it!) My hubby caught me at it the other day...

    I have to be lined up at the table with my plate. I can't eat if the plate (or me) is even a fraction of an inch off center. My sister teases me about this even now.

    I, too, talk out loud to stop myself thinking about bad or embarrassing things.

    Posted by Jack

    I eat the food I enjoy the least first and then eat what is next in a counterclockwise motion. If I eat corn on the cob, the finished cob MUST be wrapped in a napkin and leave the table immediately. There is a local iron bridge, one that has the supports overhead, and I have to put my hand on top of my head until the car is off of the bridge. I have a bashful kidney and have trouble in the men's room. I have to say a sentence, the same sentence, in my head before I can "go." I have to sit in the third pew in the first seat near the aisle in any church I go to or I cannot concentrate on the service. I pray each and every time I go to the bathroom, no matter how many times a day or whichever bathroom I go to. Last night, I took my sweet wife (DW?) to a nice restaurant at the local metropolis. When we were served the food we had ordered, my wife said "Why do you do that? I have never understood." I found that I had turned my plate one full rotation even though it ended up in the same spot the waiter had placed it. She demands that I add that I must fold and tie a knot in any potato chip bag or plastic wrapper I take off of snack cakes, etc.

    Posted by Nelda

    I have three toothbrushes and they must be a particular color for use at a particular time of the day. Morning is always red, night is always white, afternoon is green. I hate reusing a toothbrush which is still wet from a previous use. I always refold my napkin at the end of a meal, never wad it up. It bothers me when other people do not refold their napkins. I'm never happy with the first table I am taken to by a restaurant host or hostess and always ask for a different table. (I think that's a control issue.) When I am in the bathroom, I must have the toilet paper already torn off and in my hand before I can go.

    Posted by Chai

    I have to brush my teeth, floss and then brush again. This must be done in the shower. If I am not in the shower I can do it, but it bugs me, and I don't feel my teeth are really clean. Weird!

    Posted by misty

    Food cannot touch - DH is same way so we have divided plates that we use at home, now the kids are the same way I cannot sit with my back to a door - makes me very uncomfortable and I am always looking behind me if I have to. I hate basements - as a teenager I wouldn't let my mom buy a house for us that had a basement - yes the boogie monster lives there!

    Posted by eimmik

    When the food is first put on the plate it cannot touch but then after I start eating it doesn't matter if they touch.

    Posted by Mim

    I do finger things...I like to pick a number and tap my fingers starting with my thumbs and I repeat the number pattern until I end with my thumb.For extra fun, I do both hands at once. ; ) I often don't realize I am doing this until I am half way through the rotation. I eat a peanut butter cup in the following manner: eat the chocolate around the edges first, eat the chocolate on top next, the chocolate on the bottom and the peanut butter center in the end. I used to roll the peanut butter into a ball before I ate it, but stopped doing that in public. ; )

    Posted by Carrie

    I like things in multiples of 4, and I count them and smile if they are in a multiple of 4. I do not like even numbers that are not divisible by 4. When I get bored, I have been known to count the words when people are talking to see if it is divisible by 4, then try and rephrase it so it is. I also like multiples of 10.

    Posted by Lisa/4/TX

    Things definitely have to be symmetrical, but also evenly balanced. If I have, for example, dolls on a shelf, it must be set up so that both have an equal number of tall vs. short, plus it must be set up the same way- kind of like a school picture!

    Posted by Jane

    If I'm home alone ( husband away ) at night I put chairs in front of all the doors leading to the outside or basement. I have a security system installed in my house now, but if the chairs are not in place I don't sleep.

    Posted by Tchr4Truth

    We sleep with our windows WIDE OPEN at night year- round. Sometimes it gets so cold I would consider wearing a HAT to bed, but I haven't yet!!

    Posted by becky

    I vacuum almost daily, even if I didn't bother cleaning other areas too well. I love the streaks the vacuum makes, gives the impression of whole-house clean, even if that's not the case! I will not bring a sandwich or hamburger up to my mouth to eat it; I have to pick off bites. My husband really thinks this is weird. I think the reason I do it is because it messes up my lipstick less!

    Posted by peachteach

    I also sleep with my baby monitor on, even though my kids are not babies any longer. :o(

    Posted by Jan

    I cannot have anything red on my plate ever---tomatoes, beets, cranberry sauce. I like the red things, separately, but they cannot be near anything else. Do not lock door in a public bathroom for fear of being stuck in there. This is my newest one---cannot eat breakfast until I have checked [the Teachers.Net] Chat Center.

    Posted by mcq

    I always have to sleep on the left..sit on the left at the movie theater.....I'm right handed but bat left handed..always have.

    Posted by Lori/ga

    After using a public restroom, I always grab the door handle with my used paper towel. Luckily, most trash cans are by the door so I can throw it away. Sometimes, I will hoop shoot it if it isn't. But I ain't touching no public restroom door! I've seen too many women, yes women, walk right out without washing. I like my food touching. I even mix my mash potatoes and peas together. Occasionally, I will flop over and rest my head on my hubby's stomach just before falling asleep. I used to do this to my mom when she would read in bed to me when I was little. Maybe, I like the gurgling sounds? My house is as cluttered as can be, but if you look in closets and drawers it will be neat and orderly. Newspapers on the floor, shoes everywhere, unfolded laundry on the sofa, but the food is lined up in the pantry, my cooking utensils are in compartments, clothes are hanging the same way, no junk under my or kids' beds--you get the picture. It drives my husband crazy!

    Posted by Goldie

    After I drive out of my driveway and down the street some, I have to back up and look to see if I put the garage door down.

    Posted by cess

    When company calls to say they are coming, I immediately go turn on all the lights in the house. Even if it's hours before they are coming over. I like to have the house bright. I think it looks cleaner! My husband goes behind me and tries to shut them all off. I repeatedly count the buttons on any of our tv remote controls I have them in my hands. I try NOT to have 'em in my hands! They drive me crazy. I always start to cut my fingernails on Sunday then stop in horror as my mother always warned, "Cut you nails on Sunday, and you'll have bad luck on Monday."

    Posted by aggie/1/ca

    I eat my food from right to left on the plate, and I eat the main course last. I like mustard on my turkey.

    Posted by anniston

    I eat only chicken, no other meat - no read meat, no seafood, etc. I only eat chicken without bones (chicken strips, chicken nuggets) and then I only eat them from certain places (ONLY CHICK-FIL-A for fast food). I don't drink out of glass or plastic cups like you keep in your cabinet - only from disposable plastic cups and cans (with straws) ...I do this even at my own house and I know they're clean!! I prefer to use plastic utensils and plates that are disposable (yes, even at my house). Just the thought of eating with them over and over...ugh.

    Posted by tbeartchur

    I sometimes spell out words with my fingers as if I am typing out the word. This really helps me to spell words correctly!

    Posted by Mander

    When I get a new magazine, I have to let it sit near an open window or in the garage for a few days, periodically paging forward. Printing inks smell awful.

    Posted by Rita/KY

    I can't stand for anyone to touch my food with their bare hands. Yuck! I count things such as telephone poles, steps, etc. I also do the divisible by five thing with alarm clocks. Closet doors must be completely closed at night, or I can't sleep. Even the closet door in my adjacent bathroom must be closed. I have got out of bed in the middle of the night just to make sure it is closed, and I can't even see it from my bed!

    Posted by winki

    I cannot stand to have anything but MY head touching my pillow. It grosses me out when people put their pillow on the floor, etc., then take it back to bed and put their face on it. I throw a fit if someone touches it. The pillow case has to be changed before sleeping on it. The sheet under my pillow has to be the same way, only with my "germs." I can't go barefoot in the house. I must wear socks or my slip-ons. I cannot stand bare feet on hotel room carpet. I will not drink out of drinking fountains...seen too many mouths covering it when they drink. Yuck. I skim books and read the end before "officially" reading it.

    Posted by Action Jackson

    When making Kraft mac and cheese (which is weekly in my home) I MUST follow these steps...After draining the noodles in a strainer I add the butter to the bottom of the pan. I add the noodles next - pour the cheese on top of the noodles - then the milk. One time I was at my MIL's house and my SIL started to pour the milk in BEFORE the cheese was in - it was a weird it wasn't done right.

    Posted by Magoo

    I am incapable of falling asleep on my right side...I worry a little about squishing my heart, but I ALWAYS go to sleep on my left side. And, I never wake up on my right side, either! I sew a lot...and I never use black-headed pins. I always take those out of the pkg. and throw them away. I have no idea why. I hear better with my glasses on...I don't care if food is touching on my plate, but I prefer to use a salad fork rather than a 'regular' fork. I can't stay away from this [Teachers.Net] chatboard when it's late and I should be in bed!!!

    Posted by a shy regular

    When nervous, I tap out a pattern with my fingers where I tap down every other finger-thumb, middle,pointer, ring, middle, pinky, ring, thumb, pinky, pointer---I can do this really fast! I like to drain the bathtub while I'm still in it, and sit there until I'm pretty much dry (I read in the tub). My husband thinks I'm insane for that one.

    Posted by Lisa/4/TX

    Who has to be WARM in order to fall asleep? I'm at my happiest if the thermostat is at least 75, and I have covers on.