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Volume 4 Number 5

Too many people in the general public continue to think that teaching is a job that anyone can do. Wrong! Teaching is a special calling. Teaching is a mission.
Overworked and Under- appreciated - A Tribute to Teachers...
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Apple Seeds: Inspirational quotes by Barb Erickson
Special Days This Month by Ron Victoria
Featured School
Classroom Photos by Members of the Teachers.Net Community
Poems Written by Teachers
10 Brave Substitute Teachers and I Love You
The Lighter Side of Teaching
  • No More Lip Prints
  • YENDOR'S Top Ten
  • Georgia's NCLB Head-Tricks
  • Schoolies
  • Woodhead
  • Handy Teacher Recipes
    Classroom Crafts
    Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
    Adjectives Worksheet
    Ladybug Pattern
    An End of the School Year Test for First Grade
    Writing Checklist
    Word Family House
    Poem Form
    Upcoming Ed Conferences
    Letters to the Editor
    On intermural sports at all levels by L. Swilley
    Observing an Outstanding Teacher from The Teachers.Net Substitute Teachers' Chatboard
    FYI helps kids, parents and educators find inspiration, activities and a sense of purpose during uncertain times from:
    Online Fishing Derby Locator Connects Youth With Over 1,800 Events from: Hooked On Fishing International

    The Teachers.Net Gazette is a cooperative publication by and for members of the Teachers.Net community. We accept for consideration brief articles (approximately 350-2500 words) on topics of interest to educators. Articles should be fully edited, spell checked, and ready for publication. Send submissions by e-mail to along with a brief biography written in third person. A digital photo (headshot) is desirable but optional. Teachers.Net reserves the right to edit articles accepted for publication.
    Kathleen Carpenter - Editor in Chief
    Mary Miehl - Technical Editor

    Tips for Getting Published

    Harry & Rosemary Wong
    Applying for a Teaching Job in a Tight Market

    The marketplace has become stiff again and you need to put your best foot forward. You can do this by impressing the interviewer that you are knowledgeable about the district...

    Dr. Marvin Marshall
    Listening Lessons

    For a number of reasons, this generation of students needs to be taught active listening skills"...

    Full story

    Full story

    Cheryl M. Sigmon
    Streamlining the Writing Block

    These hints might help you get control of the block and feel more comfortable with your daily schedule...

    Full Story

    Esmé Codell

    Extreme Reading!

    Teaching is an extreme sport come Spring, when a young man's fancies turn to thoughts of recess...


    Sue Gruber

    Springtime Learning Clubs---
    Simple Solutions to Spring Fever!

    As the days tick off toward the end of the year, classroom management and engaging children in learning become more challenging in every classroom...

    Full story

    Full story

    Hal Portner
    SGID: Teachers Learn From Student Feedback -- Small Group Instructional Diagnosis Leads to Increased Learning

    If you are willing to take me up on my challenge -- to solicit and respect honest student feedback in order to improve classroom instruction -- you can do so through a process called Small Group Instructional Diagnosis, or SGID...

    Full Story

    Glenn Dietzel
    There's A Book Inside of You!
    You Reflect On Your Idea

    Reflection is a three part process. It involves reflecting "on the past," "in the present," and "for the future."...

    Beth Bruno
    Hassles on the School Bus

    I wonder what goes on to and from school on the bus. A majority of school children ride buses for an hour or more every day...

    Full story

    Full story

    Ginny Hoover
    It's That Time Again, Ginny's List of Ten

    I think sometimes we forget the power of words…the power of a kind action...

    Full Story

    Dr. Rob Reilly
    I Retired From 'Teaching' Back in 2009 and Now I'm Back! -
    Reporting from the future
    (Part 2)

    A former student is now my boss and I'm starting to experience technology shock...

    Marjan Glavac

    Language Arts Sites
    Part 1

    Each month Marjan Glavac, professional speaker, teacher and author, presents five websites for educators...

    Full story

    Full story

    Also in this issue:
    Overworked and Under-appreciated - A Tribute to Teachers by Don Quimby
    Learning Simulations Add to Classroom Lessons by Lanny Sorenson
    14 Steps to Teacher Assertiveness - How to cope with difficult parents, principals and staff members by Mike Moore
    Early Years Are Learning Years - Learning through Water Play from: National Association for the Education of Young Children
    Pupil Personality Profile by P R Guruprasad
    End of Year Gift Ideas for Young Students from the Teachers.Net Kindergarten Chatboard
    Millionaires Receive Tax Break While More Children Enter Poverty fromThe Children's Defense Fund
    Eating Disorders: A Multi-Discipline Approach to the Kate Moss "Wispy Waif " Syndrome by Dr. Catherine Sagan
    Editor's epicks for May by Kathleen Alape Carpenter
    A Note To Young Immigrants by Mitali Perkins
    Ladybug Poems and Activities from the Teachers.Net Community
    A Step by Step Writing Guide for Students - Writing About a Character (Fourth Grade) by Barbara D. Martin