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Volume 4 Number 5

Too many people in the general public continue to think that teaching is a job that anyone can do. Wrong! Teaching is a special calling. Teaching is a mission.
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    About Classroom Crafts...

    If you have a craft project that would be of particular interest to fellow teachers, please consider sending it to

    Classroom Crafts
    by The Teachers.Net Community

    Ladybug Craft

    Contributed by Carol

    You need:

    • paper bowls
    • red tissue paper
    • glue
    • black construction paper
    • pipe cleaners
    • paint brushes


    1. Give the children some red tissue paper and have them rip it into small pieces.
    2. Mix glue with a little water to thin it out and pour into a small container.
    3. Give each child some of the glue and a paint brush.
    4. Let them glue the tissue paper all over the back of the paper bowls.
    5. Cut some black circles out of the construction paper and instruct the students to glue those on the bowls as well.
    6. Poke two holes in the bowl on one edge of the top and have the children stick one end of the pipe cleaner in each hole from the inside of the bowl and then pull them through so they look like antennae.
    7. We finished up by drawing a face on with markers.

    Mother's Day Idea

    from: Cathy, Tulsa

    Since Mother's Day is coming, an activity I have done in the past is Mapping our Mom's heart!

    1. You need a large cut out heart. I use white cardboard or oaktag.
    2. The child then decides how to map the heart of thier mom or a loved one (some kids live with grandparents).
    3. They divide the heart in sections, then label the sections with how they are loved by that person. Example: Reading to me, fixing my dinner, hugs, kisses, washing my clothes, helping me, etc.
    4. When they have labeled the sections, have them draw pictures with each sentence.
    5. I punch a hole in the top and add ribbon for hanging.

    The parents love them and it makes a great card!

    It is always cute to see how they map the heart, and how some sections are BIGGER than others!!

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