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Volume 3 Number 3

Harry & Rosemary Wong ask, "Is it possible that a school district would have no openings at a time of worldwide teacher shortages? But more importantly, why were there no openings in the Medford School District?"...
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Online Classrooms by Leslie Bowman
The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
Around the Block by Cheryl Ristow
Ask the Literacy Teacher by Leigh Hall
Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber
Every Day is Read Across America Day!
Music is...
Ten Pennies and Ten Dimes
Swinging on the Education Pendulum
Literature Circles
Internet Based Interaction in the Classroom
How to Create A Bad Acceptable Use Policy Document (And Have It Survive)!
Safety on College Campuses
The Montessori Mystery
Playing Baseball in the Classroom - A Flexible, Adaptable Game to Motivate Your Students
Whither Not Social Studies!
When Bright Kids Say, "I'm Bored!"
Book Review: Comprehension Instruction
Teacher Social Groups
Retaining Principals
Today I Learned
Things You NEVER Thought You'd Have to Say…or Hear
What Was Your Most Unforgettable Show and Tell?
How Do You Deal With Middle School Students' Apathy?
Why Reading Scores Across the Nation Have Declined
Apple Seeds
Special Days This Month
Poem - Searching for the Gold
The Lighter Side of Teaching
  • YENDOR'S Top Ten
  • A Challenging Foot Feat
  • Schoolies
  • Woodhead
  • Handy Teacher Recipes
    Classroom Crafts
    Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
    Featured Lesson from the Lesson Bank
  • Here Comes the Train
  • Upcoming Ed Conferences
    Letters to the Editor
    Chatboard Poll, What changes has your district made in an effort to raise test scores?
    Action Against Hunger Project
    Explore Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest
    Third Annual Music Education Survey Gets Underway
    Gazette Home Delivery:

    About Marjan Glavac...
    Marjan Glavac (BA, BEd, MA) is a professional speaker, teacher and author. He has used computers in education on the very first day he began teaching in 1982. Since that time, he has introduced thousands of students K-University, parents and teachers to computer technology and to the Internet through online courses, websites, classroom lessons, workshops, speeches, articles, computer columns, newsletters and his latest best selling book, The Busy Educator’s Guide To The World Wide Web 2ND EDITION (Foreword by Dr. Harry Wong author of The First Days Of School).

    Marjan is currently a gr.5 home room teacher at Wilfrid Jury Public School in London, Ontario, Canada where he resides with his wife Maria and their two children, Vanessa and Collin. He can be contacted by e-mail at or through his website at:

    The Busy Educator's Monthly Five...
    by Marjan Glavac
    Each month Marjan Glavac, professional speaker, teacher and author of The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web 2ND EDITION (Foreword by Dr. Harry Wong author of The First Days Of School) presents The Busy Educator's Monthly Five -- five websites for educators that are easy to read, simple to use and worthwhile to know.

    Lesson Planning Sites Part 6
    Here are five websites to help Busy Educators with their lesson planning.

    Chicago Public Schools Instructional Intranet
    This website contains detailed daily lesson plans for grades K-12 for Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Music and Art which can be downloaded in PDF format.

    Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
    Well known Internet education expert Kathy Schrock, maintains and updates this well organized list of sites daily. The sites here can be used to add to your lesson planning and professional development. Sign up for the Sites of the School Days (S.O.S.) e-mail list and receive a new site from mid-August to June.

    Kia Ora, Welcome to this searchable database of 5,000 reviewed websites sorted into curriculum areas from New Zealand. To get included in this database, sites must meet 23 quality criteria regarding layout, language level, content and educational approach. Each site receives a content rating out of 5 (5+ being the highest rating) and a presentation rating out of 5. There is also an age rating for each site. Ratings are well annotated and well written. Lesson Bank
    Over 1,500 teacher-submitted lesson plans are available here in a searchable collection for use with students in preschool through secondary school. Sorted by grade level and curriculum categories, the collection easily allows teachers to find the information they need about lessons and activities. And if you can't find a lesson, just submit it to the Lesson Plan Request Board. This is a great place not only to find resources, but to share your own.


    Complete lesson plans with detailed objectives, standards, learning outcomes, material list, links to rubrics, sample activities and more can be found and accessed here. This site gives a number of options for viewing the materials. Click on the Site Map and choose from Core Curriculum Online to view course descriptions of all available courses; or click on the Query Lesson Plans link to access a searchable curriculum database for lesson plans.

    Marjan Glavac's website:

    Email Marjan Glavac:

    Transcripts of live chats with Marjan Glavac:

    Meet Marjan Glavac 6/29/98

    Writing, Self publishing and other Internet Tips 12/11/98

    More Classroom Internet Projects 11/13/98

    The Internet as an Educational Tool 10/09/98

    Internet Projects 9/11/98

    Best Sellers

    The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web
    by Marjan Glavac

    $14.95 from
    More information

    Tech Tools...
    Teachers.Net provides educators fast access to the most useful tech tools for teachers. Visit the Teachers.Net Tech Tools Resources and master web page development, learn about the latest educational software, find a tech mentor, and much more!

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