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Letters to the Editor...
Responding to a Positive Press

Indeed, a positive, supportive press would
make a great deal of difference in public
education. The press has an unreal amount
of influence.

In Texas, the press takes what could be a
good test and turns it into a political and
economic circus. The media enjoys
persecuting teachers and administrators who
cow under the pressure and resort to
cheating. A national test would be

Why does George Bush support a national
test? Because he does not know any
better. I honestly believe that he wants a
good school system. However, his advisors
are educrats - people who have not been in
the classroom in years (or who have never
even had a classroom)! I know, I had the
nonpleasure of listening to one of his top
advisors speak a couple of years ago.
Everyone walked away disgusted.

What do we do? Why don't we tell Gov. Bush
to check out the chatboard on TNET for TX
teachers. He would probably be shocked. I
bet he might even start talking to real
teachers who are down in the trenches.

I will vote for Gov. Bush for other
reasons. I will appeal to Gov. Bush and
the media to start listening to real
teachers doing real time. If we want
education to improve, we have to stop
seeking the advice of people who push paper
and make up new things for teachers to do.
Lincoln visited the field because that is
where the truth lie. That is why Lincoln
was a great leader.

I hope that TNET can serve as a link to
those with the power, in order to create
awareness and understanding for the better
good of society.

Mae in Texas

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