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Chatboard Poll: I Teach Therefore I -
On May 15 Melly posted on the main chatboard urging colleagues to, "Please complete the sentence: I teach, therefore I______." Here are the responses posted on her thread.

I teach, therefore I:

  • am unappreciated.
  • don't have a life!
  • leave this world a better place for my having been in it!
  • can feel as if I have won some victory, no matter how small, for humankind.
  • wear many different hats.
  • laugh a lot! Especially when I open my paycheck.
  • know nothing and the administration tells me how to teach & we test and kids still know nothing!
  • appreciate my own children more everyday
  • am the most content of all who labor.
  • am about to change professions and get paid real $$$$.
  • must be an excellent role model for my students and I must CARE and give them positive energy each day
  • am really scared to have children!
  • am abused.
  • must work a second job!
  • learn!
  • am a sworn enemy of ignorance. by my sword is truth.
  • Test, Test, Test, & Test Some More!
  • never get to see my husband.
  • am not rich, but I'm happy.

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