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Getting and Keeping New Teachers...
"Coming out of college I was enthusiastic and probably filled with too much idealism---I couldn’t wait to make a difference. After my first year I was thinking about leaving." These words are from a new teacher and were quoted in the book The First Year of Teaching (Kane, 1991). Not many new teachers are quoted in books as this one was, but almost all experience similar feelings when they enter the classroom for the first time....

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Quality & Quantity Time...
In my third/fourth grade classroom we just finished reading Alice in Wonderland. One of my students’ favorite chapters was about the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Seated around the table, Alice, the Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse engage in a great deal of non-sensical banter where everyone is talking and no one is actually listening. The characters jump from subject to subject, each with a line of thought that appears to makes sense only to the speaker. Still, Alice leaves the table enriched for having been there, even if she never did actually drink any tea....

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New Column by Harry & Rosemary Wong!
Exclusive - Teachers.Net proudly debuts "Effective Teaching," a new monthly column by Harry K. and Rosemary Wong. More than a half-million teachers worldwide have heard their message. Find out why teachers everywhere recommend their work as indispensable reading!
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Help with Kid Writing
First of two installments Isabell Cardonick, teacher and co-author of Kid Writing. Ms. Cardonick answers questions submitted by our kindergarten and grade one teachers.
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End of Year Syndrome...
Kathleen Carpenter asks the Teachers.Net community, "Do you contribute to the 'end of year syndrome'?" Check out the answers to this month's Chatboard Poll. Full story

T-Netters Descend on London
Teachers.Net teachers converge London, in the first gathering of T-Netters in the U.K. We get the full scoop from Cath22, and we find out exactly what Skippy! did to get handcuffed by that bobbie....
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