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Letters to the Editor...
Why are Teachers Negative about Clutural Exchanges?

As a professional counselor, I have been
shocked at the reaction of many teachers,
and counselors when they have been
approached by students who wanted to be
involved in HS exchange programs. Many
discourage students and are not inovative
in helping the student and his/her family.
Insead they give all the road blocks that
they can think of to discourage an exchange.
This could be for the student to host and/or
go. For some reason, these folks only
remember the negative and never all of the
positive good that these students, their
families, schools and communities, who take
advantage of these programs, reap.

For those who want to hear about the
positive benefits, the Misstennky Area AFS
Leadership Team is full of parents who are
willing to testify on the benefits of the
AFS Intercultural Programs and how their
children and family have benefited. Contact
Janine Ray at to
learn about her positive experience. She
can put you in contact with many others.
You may also call 1-800-876-2377 to get
hosting and sending details in your region.

As a parent of 10 exchange students, I
recommend this experience to a family who
would like to open their hearts and home
and want to look outside the box for the
experience of a lifetime. Families must
act quickly for students for the 2000-2001
school year begin arriving August 1st.

Barbara Y. Wills
2433 Mansker Drive
Madison, TN 37115

Dr. Barbara Y. Wills,,

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