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Over 500 Teacher Webpages on Teachers.Net Webring...
The Teachers.Net Webring ( ) has passed the 500 mark! Late in February the 500th teacher joined what has become one of the largest and busiest webrings for teachers on the Internet. A webring links sites with common goals or features, enabling readers to jump from one to another with a simple click of the mouse.

Valerie Simeone, a teacher of third grade, graduate school student, mother and spouse, volunteers her time to administer the webring with enthusiasm in spite of her busy schedule. "Even though the job takes time from my weekends, I love doing it because I'm very impressed by the quality of work so many teachers put into their web sites. And every site is unique! You can travel from one to another and never see the same information twice."

In order to qualify for inclusion in this vibrant group, web sites must be non-commercial in nature, offering information helpful and interesting to other teachers. While some teachers use their sites to post links and information about helpful resources on and off the Internet, others use them to showcase their classroom and school activities. Simeone's web site is representative of those who combine purposes by presenting information of use to her students, their families, and other educators.

To the accompaniment of an electronic version of "Let There Be Peace on Earth," Mrs. Simeone's students can access the "Homework Page" for their spelling words, consult the calendar of school events, and check on the classroom pet, a Cuban tree frog. Students' families are offered a collection of links to resources as diverse as Bill Nye the Science Guy, Craft Idea Box, Seussville University, and The Yuckiest Site on the Internet.

Clicking over to the Teacher Resource page reveals a collection of clickable links to thematic units, professional resources, and even Teacher Humor.

Jump onto the Teachers.Net webring at and get lost in an impressive corner of the Internet, where teachers demonstrate a level of dedication that may surprise those outside the profession. As Valerie Simeone observes, "It's very inspiring to see how much of their own time teachers put into 'extras' like these impressive web sites for the benefit of their students and colleagues."

For more information about the Teachers.Net webring, write to valerie @


What's New at Teachers.Net...
by Bob Reap

Soliciting Letters to the Editor!
Teachers.Net wants to hear your thoughts about vouchers, homeschooling, gun safety, educational legislation, politics, and more. Every month Teachers.Net provides space for you, our teachers, to express your ideas and feelings about the current state of education in your community or around the world. Visit and bookmark our Letters to the Editor section, and contribute your thoughts each month. Help push the dialog and be a positive force for change!

Send Us Your Stories and Photographs!
Teachers.Net is actively soliciting stories, photos, and articles from teachers everywhere. Teachers, now's your chance to get your name in the Teachers.Net Gazette, and help support the only on-line publication by teachers, for teachers. Send original stories and articles, press releases, image and video files, and other items of interest to our community to Bob Reap at

Teachers.Net Adds English Center to Line-Up
This month Teachers.Net released the new Teachers.Net English Center, an on-line networking center dedicated to teachers of reading and writing at all levels. New resources included in the English Center include the High School English Chatboard, the Reading & Writing Chatboard, the new Book Talk Mailring, and we've assembled all of the reading and writing resources on Teachers.Net in one easy location, found at Reading and writing teachers are encouraged to bookmark this URL and spread the word to colleagues everywhere.

Upcoming Featured Speakers and Workshops
Teachers.Net brings you Mary Ann Kohl on Tuesday, June 13, 9pmE. Ms. Kohl is the renowned author of several exciting crafts books, including Mudworks : Creative Clay, Dough, and Modeling Experiences, Cooking Art : Easy Edible Art for Young Children and Good Earth Art : Environmental Art for Kids. Teachers - mark your calendar and come chat live with Ms. Kohl Tuesday June 13 at 9pm Eastern 6pm Pacific!
Other live events this month include weekly Spanish Chats with Rosalie Sunday evenings in the Meeting Room, weekly NBPTS Chats (National Board of Professional Teaching Standards), chats for Reading Recovery teachers, substitute teachers, early childhood/primary teachers, and a special mentored chat just for beginning teachers!
Click here for complete schedule of live meetings this month.

New Release - Multiage Classroom Chatboard & Mailring
Announcing the latest addition to the Teachers.Net teacher network - the Multiage Classroom Chatboard & Mailring. Plug into the latest issues in teaching in a multiage classroom environment. Teachers across the world are talking about this new concept in classroom instruction, bookmark the Multiage Classroom Chatboard and stay on top of the latest insights and approaches to this topic. Be sure to subscribe to the companion mailring for home delivery of our multiage teacher network and for continuous access to colleagues involved in this approach! Visit the new Multiage Classroom Chatboard and subscribe to the Multiage Classroom Mailring.

Gatherings in CO, PA, No California, San Diego, and TX!
Teachers are making plans for Summer gatherings in idyllic locations, read our article and attend one near you! This Summer Teachers.Net teachers will be descending on locations in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in scenic Pennsylvania, northern California, San Diego, and the great state of Texas! Click here for full details, links to our Gatherings resources, and to watch a quick RealVideo clip from Bob Reap at the San Diego Zoo!

Coming Soon
Stay tuned to Teachers.Net for some exciting additions in the weeks ahead. New additions to the Gazette include plans for more interactive content, including hot-topic chatboards and polls, classroom software and products reviews, best of the Web guides, and much more. Subscribe to the Gazette Mailring and tune in each month for the latest word from Teachers.Net.