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Volume 3 Number 2

Harry & Rosemary Wong say, "...effective teachers do not employ tricks of the trade, the latest fad, or untested opinions..." This month the Wongs feature Liz Breaux, a most effective teacher...
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Online Classrooms by Leslie Bowman
The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
Around the Block by Bridget Scofinsky
Ask the Literacy Teacher by Leigh Hall
The Visually Impaired Child by Dave Melanson
Seussational Reading Excitement - NEA's Read Across America: Too Much Reading Fun for Just One Day!...
The 100th Day of School
100th Day Activities
Television--Don't Trash It--Control It
Remediation Doesn't Work
Behavior Management Tips
Children and Stress
Children Do Grieve
Infuse Test Preparation With Life-long Learning
Technology Integration Has No Hope of Succeeding!
Technophobia to Technophilia
Cooperative Learning
Why All Students Need Fine Motor Skills
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 3)
The Role of EFL learners' Heterogeneity in Terms of Age in Their Use of Communication Strategies
The Importance of the School Administration to Student Achievement
Using Non-Fiction to Motivate Reluctant Readers
Quantity over Quality--The Problem with Writing Instruction in Our Schools
Tips for Substitute Teachers
From "I Don't Care" to "I Did It!"
Rules for Secondary Classrooms
Block Scheduling
Special Days This Month
The Lighter Side of Teaching
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    Classroom Crafts
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  • Famous Black Americans
  • Valentine Village
  • Upcoming Ed Conferences
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    Arecibo Radar Gets 11th-Hour Reprieve
    Planetary Society Offers New Scholarships
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    About Handy Teacher Recipes...

    If you have a favorite recipe that would be of particular interest to fellow teachers, please consider sending it to


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    Handy Teacher Recipes
    by The Teachers.Net Community

    Graham Cracker Flag

    1. Get one long graham cracker and put it on a paper plate.
    2. Spread with white cream cheese.
    3. Section off a rectangle in the upper left corner and place blueberries. (The white showing through are the stars)
    4. Add thin red licorice for the stripes.
    5. eat!
    Cheryl Rosemary Abbott

    Editor's note: The model created by the editor and pictured here was created using red frosting rather than licorice. The editor likes red licorice too much to have it in the house.

    Pretzel Stick Snow People

    1. Melt 1 cup of white chocolate bits in a double boiler.
    2. Dip large (about 8 inch) pretzel stick into the melted white chocolate and spread it over about two thirds of the pretzel stick.
    3. Place on wax paper, then add eyes and buttons of tiny chocolate bits or decorator frosting. The nose can be orange to suggest a carrot.
    4. Let the white chocolate harden.
    5. Tie a strip of fruit leather around the "neck" of the snow person to make a colorful scarf.
    6. The hat is formed from an inverted gum drop pushed into a gummy ring.
    7. Attach the hat to the snow person's head with melted chocolate.
    Linda Lewis, Connecticut
    Groundhog's Day Cupcakes

    To celebrate Groundhog's day, I usually fix a treat for my class. After baking (chocolate - like dirt) cupcakes and frosting with green or white frosting (depending on what the ground is like that year), I decorate a Nutter Butter cookie (they are shaped like large peanuts) by putting a face on one end - with brown gel icing - to resemble a groundhog. I then insert the cookie into the cupcake so that it looks like a groundhog popping up out of the ground. In the past, I have let the children color a groundhog line drawing and then laminated it and put that in the cupcakes. Either way, they get a kick out of it. The kids could help bake the cupcakes and frost them, but I have always enjoyed the surprise factor.

    Another Groundhog's Day Cupcake

    I got this from Mailbox magazine years ago. I make cupcakes, the kids put chocolate icing on them, then add vanilla wafers for ears, m&ms for eyes, and mini marshmallows for teeth.

    Sherri McWhorter
    Cherry Turnovers For President's Day

    Ingredients 1 can (21oz) cherry pie filling
    2 tsp grated orange rind
    1 pkg (15oz) refrig. pie crust
    1 egg yolk
    1 tbsp milk
    1 tbsp sugar
    1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
    4" round cookie cutter

    • Preheat oven to 375
    • combine pie filling and orange rind
    • roll 1 pie
    • crust on floured surface into 12 inch circle
    • Cut out 6 (4") circles with cookie cutter
    • cut out 6 hatchet shapes from pastry trimmings
    • Repeat with second crust
    • combine egg yolk and milk in a small bowl
    • combine sugar and cinamon in another small bowl
    • spoon tablespoons of pie filling onto center of each pastry
    • brush edges of pastry with egg yolk mixture
    • fold pastry in half and enclose filling
    • Press edges together with fork to seal
    • Place on ungreased baking sheet
    • brush tops of turnovers with egg yolk mixture
    • place one hatchet cutout on each turnover
    • sprinkle with cinnamon sugar
    • bake 18-20 minutes or until golden brown
    • cool on wire rack
    • serve warm
    makes 12 Teresa/CA
    Valentine Kisses

    Ingredients 6 cups Krispy Rice Cereal
    1 pkg of marshmallows
    3 Tbsp. margarine
    vegetable cooking spray

    Utensils and Supplies:

    Microwave oven
    Large micro-safe bowl
    funnel sprayed with cooking spray (approx. 4 1/2 in in diameter)
    12" square of aluminum foil for each child
    1" x 11" strip of paper per child
    waxed paper
    mixing spoon
    • Label each strip of paper to say "A Kiss For You!"
    • Follow directions on Krispie box for making treats
    • Allow the mixture to cool until easy enough to handle
    • Have children mold it in the funnel
    • Place on waxed paper to cool completely before wrapping
    • Wrap kiss and strip in aluminum foil
    • Give as gifts to a special someone
    Makes 4-6 Teresa/CA

    Send your favorite recipes to