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Volume 3 Number 2

Harry & Rosemary Wong say, "...effective teachers do not employ tricks of the trade, the latest fad, or untested opinions..." This month the Wongs feature Liz Breaux, a most effective teacher...
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Online Classrooms by Leslie Bowman
The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
Around the Block by Bridget Scofinsky
Ask the Literacy Teacher by Leigh Hall
The Visually Impaired Child by Dave Melanson
Seussational Reading Excitement - NEA's Read Across America: Too Much Reading Fun for Just One Day!...
The 100th Day of School
100th Day Activities
Television--Don't Trash It--Control It
Remediation Doesn't Work
Behavior Management Tips
Children and Stress
Children Do Grieve
Infuse Test Preparation With Life-long Learning
Technology Integration Has No Hope of Succeeding!
Technophobia to Technophilia
Cooperative Learning
Why All Students Need Fine Motor Skills
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 3)
The Role of EFL learners' Heterogeneity in Terms of Age in Their Use of Communication Strategies
The Importance of the School Administration to Student Achievement
Using Non-Fiction to Motivate Reluctant Readers
Quantity over Quality--The Problem with Writing Instruction in Our Schools
Tips for Substitute Teachers
From "I Don't Care" to "I Did It!"
Rules for Secondary Classrooms
Block Scheduling
Special Days This Month
The Lighter Side of Teaching
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    Teacher Feature...

    100th Day Activities Collected from Teachers.Net Forums

    by Kathleen Carpenter, Editor

    Name of contributor (if provided) follows each post.
    Also, check out Teachers.Net 100th Day Chatboard

    100th day of school
    At home project: putting 100 objects on a piece of poster board. Last year we added that the objects should make a picture, a design or have a theme. We got some great ones. Several made the number 100 out of their items, had some wonderful pictures, the theme ones were very interesting! Lunch box trash! Junk drawer contents! First aid items.

    In the Teachers.Net Archive there is a transcript from a January 26, 1999 live discussion FULL of ideas for celebrating the 100th Day of School event. Just go to and, after it finishes loading click on EC/Primary Meetings, then scroll down to and click on "100th Day Activities 1/26/99.

    Here is the 100-day site for those who may not have it. It has over 200 ideas posted. Here is a site that has a 100-dollar bill that can be printed.

    100 Days Song (to "We've Been Working on the Railroad")

    We've been working in our classroom, for 100 days.
    We've been working in our classroom, here in the first grade.
    Rising early in the morning, bring our books and pencils too.
    Every day we come to first grade, we learn something new.
    100 days are here, come on give a cheer
    100 days are here, Hurray! Hurray!
    100 days have come, come on join the fun,
    100 days are here, Hurray!

    We glue 100 mini marshmallows onto George Washington's wig. I took a side profile clip art of good old George and blew it up on the copier. I transferred it onto construction paper. The kids count out 100 marshmallows in groups of 10 and then glue. It's also a nice way for us to tie in President's Day.

    Here's some 100 days links. I thought it might be of use to many:
    For our 100th day celebration: "What would you buy with $100.00." I gave each child a green piece of paper, which we designed to look like a $100 dollar bill. Then each of the students got a catalog and a calculator. They cut the items out that they would buy, entered the price in and then glued the items that they purchased on their bill.
    Our favorite activity was counting how many NERDS were in their tiny little box! The children had written to 100 on graph paper, then placed the tiny pieces on each square.
    Song: It's a Hundred Days of School - (Sung to the tune of It's a Small World)

    Oh we started school such a long time ago
    And there's much we've learned and a lot we know.
    We can read, write, and spell
    We do math very well
    It's a hundred days of school.
    It's a hundred days of school,
    It's a hundred days of school,
    It's a hundred days of school,
    It's one hundred days of school.
    Yes, we've studied hard and we've made new friends
    And there's much to do 'til the school year ends.
    But for now .....Hip Hooray, we've reached our
    100th Day.
    It's a hundred days of school.
    It's a hundred days of school,
    It's a hundred days of school,
    It's a hundred days of school,
    It's one hundred days of school.

    We did an activity I call, The 100 Doodleloop. It is easier for you to see what we did than to explain, so check out the website.
    1. Discuss possible pictures that can be made from 100.
    2. Draw for 10 minutes
    3. Write for 10 minutes
    4. 5 minutes to finish up
    5. Share

    The very next day the partying continued as we celebrated Day 101. The children dressed in black and white as if they were dalmatians and we made puppy chow for a snack. The students all brought their stuffed dalmatian dogs in various sizes, which was great for sorting and measuring. A parent brought their dalmatian dog for a special sharing. I got our local Gateway Computer store to donate some of their large computer boxes, which are patterned with cow/black/white spots. We opened them up for special reading spots. We had all kinds of booktubs filled with stories about cows and milk. On our 100th day, the first and second grade teachers combined to have a full day of learning. We moved our classes around every thirty minutes, as we taught the same lesson 7 times! (much less personal planning!) Next year we have decided we will break it up and do it for two mornings! It was a wonderful day, and our teachers did the following:

    1. I had three poems on poster size, one which was about counting to 100 different ways (we choral read the poems) Then we made a 100 hat by stamping 100 times on a cut out 100 that we glued on a headband strip,
    2. One teacher took 7 different stories (like The Wolf's Chicken Stew) and read one to each class, then the class made a huge 100 mural of the story (for the stew story, she had a wolf drawn on a paper, and the kids drew 100 chicks to glue onto the mural)
    3. One teacher worked on a book about money and they drew a 100 dollar bill (after looking at one she brought!!!)
    4. One teacher had them work on a list of 100 words that they could (as a class) spell
    5. One teacher worked on 100 puzzle groups, incorporating time by seeing how many pieces they could put together in 100 seconds. At the end of the day, we took cookies, individually iced them, put one Hot Tamale and two Gummi Life Savers on the top, took them outside to eat with a bottle of juice...and had a great recess during an unusually warm day in January.

    Homework-I had the kids bring in a poster with 100 "things" arranged in 10 rows of 10. Lots of really creative projects! I displayed them in the hallway.

    Reading/Language-I read the book "I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words" by Michael Frith. I had the kids partner up and write 100 words they know.

    Art-We make "Day 100" badges that they wore all day.

    Math-We filled in a 100's chart and colored blocks by # so when they finished it read "100".

    Math-We had each child bring in 100 snacks in a ziplock bag. We counted and sorted 10 rows of 10. "Eat many are left" etc... We counted 100 footsteps in the hallway and marked it.

    Probability- Partner up the kids and give each pair a penny. They flip the coin 100 times and tally how many times it lands on head and tails.
    Kim S first grade

    For Language Arts we wrote the word one hundred and made a word for each letter. Along with that, for interactive writing we wrote about what we would look like when we are 100 years old.
    I had 100 helium balloons delivered to the classroom. They were in 10 different colors. We sorted them by color and counted by 10's to make sure it really was 100. They made the classroom feel festive and the children got to take a balloon (or two) home. I have done this for a few years so now parents actually volunteer to pay for the balloons and sometimes ever do the delivery as well.
    Journal writing:
    • I wish I had 100_______________
    • I would not want 100____________
    • If I had 100 I would ___________
    • etc.

    Reading comprehension:
    THE HUNDRED PENNY BOX-read the book and worked on question worksheet. We are also using some activities from ACROSS THE CENTURIES with this book for our Grandparent's Day March 9th. Cafeteria worker made star cookies w/ 100 on them for each class.

    See long 100 blocks, legos, ring-a-things would be. Measured with rules using in. and centimeters, also used a meter stick.

    We collected 100 cans of non-perishable foods and donated them to the local food pantry. Brainstormed 100 reasons why we LOVE school! Paragraph writing: What would you do with $100?
    I made myself a sweatshirt to wear on day 100. I took 100 gold safety pins and pinned then on the front, making the number "100".
    Exercise with 100 in mind-like jumping jacks for 100 seconds, etc. I passed out drawing paper and while I read The Wolf's Chicken Stew I had them draw the nouns that coordinated with 100.
    We punch out 100 pigs (save year to year) and # 1-100. We read the book Pigs in Hiding. We hide all the pigs around the room and the kids have to find them. Then they lay them in front of them on the rug and we string them up in order. We also have four one hundred-day centers. We make a Hundred Day Hat, do a math page with number writing to one hundred (pigs are stamped all over it). For Language Arts we do mini Zero the Hero books with a sight word fill in and or Reading we do a 100 Day mini book. We also read 100 Day Worries and Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For the 100th Day of School.
    I had the class see what they could do in 100 seconds, i.e.
    write my name how many times
    my letters to _____
    hop on 1 Foot ____ times
    could or could not be quiet for 100 sec.

    We also got in partners and made a big book to the story 100 Animals. Used and empty 100 chart and wrote our names over and over, coloring each letter differently and talk about the color patterns.

    100 word book...start 10 days before 100 and write 10 word a day-from high frequency list. Make straw necklaces. I have cut fluorescent straws into small pieces. The children will string 100 straw necklaces using a circle of construction paper to mark every 10.
    Marcia Goudie
    Homework Project:
    The kids were given a 100 square cardboard grid on which they glued 100 like items. The top was labeled _______'s 100 ________. The kids enjoyed sharing them in class and we hung them up in the hallway.

    Balance scale math:
    We created several 100-item bottles by putting 100 like items in small empty plastic water bottles. The kids compared two at a time, predicting which would be heavier, and then finding out by using the balance scale. Some of the items included buttons, cotton balls, heart candy, stones, screws, feathers, mini penguin erasers, popsicle sticks, etc.

    Fruit Loop 100-day necklaces:
    The kids sorted fruit loops by color and then strung them in on a piece of yarn, in sets of 10, until they got to 100.

    100 day writing:
    In their journal, we glued a picture of a 100-dollar bill, and then we glued a second one underneath with the picture of the president removed so that they could draw their own picture on the 100-dollar bill. They wrote in their journals using this story prompt: If I had 100 dollars, I would…

    100 feet walk:
    We taped 3 laminated shoe prints (cut from construction paper), toe to heel in the hallway. Each shoe print was one foot long. The children looked at how long 3 feet was, and then predicted how long 100 feet would be by hanging their name (written on small 1X4 inch strips) on the wall where they estimated 100 feet would be. While they were in a special, one of our parent volunteers finished taping the rest of the shoe prints in a row to show 100 feet. When the kids came back from their special, they walked the 100 feet and discussed who came the closest to estimating the 100 feet. We made the shoe prints using 10 different colors so that the kids could see the sets of 10's that made 100.

    100 Things writing:
    I would like 100 ____, 100 _____, and 100 ____, but I would not like 100 ____!

    100 Times Writing:
    Story Prompt: My mother told me 100 times...

    100 handprints:
    Each of my 20 children traced and cut out their handprints. We used blue construction paper for their left hands and red construction paper for their right hands. We taped the handprints in a row (showing the blue/red handprint pattern), and wrote a number on each one so we could count by 5's and 10's. The blue handprints had 5,15,25,35,45,55,65,75,85, & 95. The red handprints had 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90, & 100. When we practiced counting by 10's, we just looked at the handprints. When we practiced counting by 5's, we looked at all of the handprints.

    Here's a song we learned:

    We've Been Working in our Classroom
    (tune: We've Been Working on the Railroad")

    We've been working in our classroom, for 100 days!
    We've been working in our classroom, here in kindergarten.
    Rising early in the morning. Bring our books and pencils, too.
    Every day at Loveville School, we learn something new!
    100 day is here. 100 day is here.
    Come on and give a cheer!
    100 day is here. 100 day is here.
    Come on and give a cheer!
    Then shout hooray! Hooray!
    And a cheer we learned:
    Blow a whistle,
    Give a cheer!
    The 100th day of school is here.
    Let's have a party,
    Let's celebrate,
    The 100th day is really great!
    A 100 scavenger hunt which is a huge success every year. I wrote numbers 1-100 on round colored stickers (red, green, yellow, and blue) and hid them all around the room. Each child took crayons in the colors above and filled in a 100 grid with the appropriate color as they found the number.
    K Teacher
    We work together on as a class titled "100 Things We Love." I make a big 100 on two sheets of bulletin board paper taped together to make it taller. I cut out the center on the zero in the middle and decorate the number with 100 stickers or 100 sponge paint stamps. Then I hang it in front of my door. We get to walk through the 100 for a couple of days. On the 101 Day: Eat a cake that is in the shape of 101. (One cake mix split between a round cake pan and a square cake pan. You cut the square cake in half to make the two 1's.) The children help count out 101 m & m's to decorate it. It is cute with brown m & m's or chocolate chips to represent Dalmatian spots on white frosting. - We take a picture of all the kindergarten students dressed like Dalmatians. We actually make the numeral 101 out of children and someone climbs up the slide to take the picture so we can read the number.
    There were collections everywhere, individual and class. Word lists of 100, children wearing 100 things on hats and shirts, teachers wearing 100 items, necklaces, fingerprints, writing 100 word poems, 100 line stories, 100 piece snack and many more math activities.
    Caldwell County Primary
    Susan Randolph
    Kids dress up as if they were 100 years old. We make necklaces using 9 Fruit Loops and one lifesaver.
    We use Winnie the Pooh and the 100 Acre Wood as the theme. We set them up as centers...each child has to visit each center. Activities include:
    • a bulletin board where children had to add 100 carrots to Rabbit's garden,
    • a mural with Pooh and 100 thumbprint honeybees,
    • Christopher Robin's Valentine factory (we make 100 valentines for a local nursing home),
    • bouncing with Tigger for 100 seconds (we listen to their heart beat before and after),
    • a visit from "Captain 100" who reads a book about the 100 Acre Wood to the children.
    K Teach
    We learn a cheer and go from class to class cheering for the 100th day;

    100 days have come at last
    And we can count them really fast!
    Are you ready? Let's go!
    10,20, etc, (using hands with fingers spread alternating down and up, pausing before saying "100" with a "here's Johnny" sort of excitement, shaking hands & fingers.

    We read Wolf's Chicken Stew and give a wolf 100 kisses (fingerprints dipped in yellow paint with legs, beaks, and wings drawn on) like in the book.