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Letters to the Editor...
Gifted/Talented Lesson--End of GT Chatboard

Dear Bob,
While I do not believe that Teacher.Net
is a forum for parents. I do believe in
attempting to provide "cutting edge"
education to all. To educate the average
child well, it is important to espouse an
open mind, eyes and ears. I believe that by
teaching to the top student in my class, I
can also touch many of my other students.
Sooo...I would like to request that instead
of Literature Lessons at the end of the
Gifted/Talented board. That there be
created a bank, for Gifted/Talented lessons
that teachers have incorporated or used in
pull-out situations. That way, classroom
teachers, could use this lesson bank as an
informational resource for possibly
modifying assignments for gifted children
in their classes. It could list
National/Statewide/local competitions, the
components of these competitions, testing
mechanisms, problem-solving ideas for
higher order critical thinking and teaching
strategies. These might be separated
according to, Elementary, Middle and High
School categories.

I am still trying to formulate for my own
knowledge what constitutes a GATE program.
There is such diversity, depending on the
school districts. The only thing most of
them have in common is that gifted kids are
designated to be present. I think this
lesson bank would help me and others



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