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Letters to the Editor...
Let's review the system - teachers too.

"He's just one more educated elitist with
an axe to grind. It's really amazing to
think that he, too, was educated by
that "bottom half" of college graduates. I
wonder how he accounts for his position and

L. Pratt, Public School Teacher

In light of my own experience in dealing
with our national educational system, I
believe we should ask how Mr. Sowell
accounts for his intelligence and
thoughtfulness in *spite* of the widespread
mediocrity found in the teaching
establishment. I would not assume that he
owes his position and success to those
sacred teachers as your letter implies.
What makes you think that only the educated
elite have an axe to grind? We all should
take a closer look at what seems to
constitute education in the U.S. It would
be refreshing to have more teachers
involved in this process; instead teachers
use the pretext that our educators need to
play sociologist and psychologist to our
broken children.

I'm afraid for my children who happen to be
at both ends of the acheivement scale
entering another year of social
experimentation. I've noted the actual
schooling of my children needs to be done
at home; it doesn't take an education
credential to realize this is wrong.

L. Canale, Former Student
Current Mother of Students

L. Canale,,

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