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Volume 4 Number 4

No matter how many hundred of millions of dollars are spent, school reform initiatives will continue to produce unsatisfying results until we unflinchingly address the critical problem of teacher quality.
We're Still Leaving the Teachers Behind...
Apple Seeds: Inspirational quotes by Barb Erickson
Special Days This Month by Ron Victoria
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April Poem
The Lighter Side of Teaching
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    Is it because I'm a first-born, or because I'm a teacher? (School Supply Junkie) by cougar
    "The Human Body" Lessons & Activities from a Teachers.Net Mailring
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    Gazette Home Delivery:

    Today Is...

    Compiled by
    Ron Victoria

    April is...
    International Guitar Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, National Anxiety Month, National Humor Month, National Welding Month, National Garden Month, and Uh-Huh Month.

    April 1 is ... One Cent Day
    April 2 is ... National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
    April 3 is ... Tweed Day
    and ... Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
    April 4 is ... Tell-A-Lie Day
    April 5 is ... Go For Broke Day
    April 6 is ... Sorry Charlie Day
    April 7 is ... No Housework Day
    April 8 is ... All Is Ours Day
    April 9 is ... Winston Churchill Day
    and ... Name Yourself Day
    April 10 is ... Golfers Day
    April 11 is ... Eight-Track Tape Day
    April 12 is ... Look Up At The Sky Day
    April 13 is ... Blame Somebody Else Day
    April 14 is ... National Pecan Day
    April 15 is ... Rubber Eraser Day
    April 16 is ... National Stress Awareness Day
    and ... National Eggs Benedict Day
    April 17 is ... National Cheeseball Day
    April 18 is ... International Jugglers Day
    April 19 is ... Garlic Day
    April 20 is ... Look Alike Day
    April 21 is ... Kindergarten Day
    April 22 is ... National Jelly Bean Day
    April 23 is ... Read Me Day
    and ... World Laboratory Animal Day
    April 24 is ... National Pigs In A Blanket Day
    April 25 is ... National Zucchini Bread Day
    April 26 is ... Richter Scale Day
    and ... National Pretzel Day
    April 27 is ... Tell A Story Day
    April 28 is ... Great Poetry Reading Day
    and ... Kiss-Your-Mate Day
    April 29 is ... National Shrimp Scampi Day
    April 30 is ... National Honesty Day