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Volume 4 Number 4

No matter how many hundred of millions of dollars are spent, school reform initiatives will continue to produce unsatisfying results until we unflinchingly address the critical problem of teacher quality.
We're Still Leaving the Teachers Behind...
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    "The Human Body" Lessons & Activities

    from The Teacher Mailring Center

    Journey Through the Digestive System

    I once did a unit on the Digestive System for grade 3. It was SUPER fun and the kids really learned a lot. We set up an obstacle course for the kids to go "through" the system. We turned the doorway to the classroom into the mouth complete with teeth and all. The kids were really psyched when they walked in that day! Then we set up a path down the digestive system. Some examples of "parts" were a tunnel for the esophagus and a kiddy pool filled with Jell-O for the stomach. The kids got a kick out of standing in the pool of Jell-O that was their tummies (we lined it with bags and allowed them to step only on the bags). It was quite a hit! Also, you might want to check out the Magic School Bus collection and website for great inside the body activities.
    Contributed by Alyssa Long

    The Human Body Adventure

    Students take a complete tour through the inner workings of the human body, learning about all the systems and interacting with quizzes and trivia. High interest reading and high level of interactivity.

    Ask your class if they are right or left-nostrilled---you're bound to get a few puzzled faces looking back at you. They can answer this question better as they explore the olfactory system in this Riverdeep "Current" and learn all about how we smell:


    Also investigate how we link smell and language, or trace the connection between smell and memory.
    Contributed by L. Clark

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