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Volume 4 Number 4

No matter how many hundred of millions of dollars are spent, school reform initiatives will continue to produce unsatisfying results until we unflinchingly address the critical problem of teacher quality.
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    Is it because I'm a first-born, or because I'm a teacher? (School Supply Junkie) by cougar
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    Is it because I'm a first-born, or because I'm a teacher?
    (School Supply Junkie)

    Posted by cougar
    on the on the Teacher Chatboard

    Is it because I'm a first-born, or because I'm a teacher that I absolutely love the "school supplies" aisle of any store?

    Reams of paper, especially GRAPH paper, make me drool. Any organizational tools--3-ring binders, folders with pockets and brads, accordion files, Day-Timers, hole punches, thumb tacks and colored tabs all call out to me from their packaging, "Buy me! Buy me! I will make your life easier!" The temptation is great.

    Unsharpened pencils beg to be transformed into tools of great creativity, colored pencils beg louder. Mechanical pencils with the cushy grips...ah, they beg the loudest. And let's not forget the pens, the pens!!! How many pens are there? Are there any more to invent? Do you want fine point or medium? Gel or regular ink? How about a romantic fountain pen? Do you want a cap that you might lose? Or, will a click pen be good enough for you? How many colors of ink can there be? Is there no end to this nirvana? I haven't even touched on the markers yet... (Mr. Sketch, you are the closest to my heart, you with all your colors and scents!)

    Then there's the glue, the paste, the Post-It notes, the Scotch tape, the masking tape, the colored tape and the little Cherrios type hole-reinforcers... Well, all I can say is God bless 3M!!!

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