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Volume 3 Number 4

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us, "Leaders lead and they lead by caring enough about the success of their teachers that they will roll up their sleeves and model instructional leadership."...
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Online Classrooms by Leslie Bowman
The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
Ask the Literacy Teacher by Leigh Hall
Visual Impairments by Dave Melanson
Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber
Reflecting Upon Read Across America
Earth Day Compilation
The World in Lights
Take a Seat at the Bottom of the Class
Starting Children on Science
Tips for teachers being bullied!
Mr. Choose-A-Chart
Teaching Perseverance Through Adversity-A History Lesson
It's An Early Spring!
Memo to Staff: Our Computer System Crashed-We Have No 'Backups'-You're Not Getting Paid for a Month!
Keep Your Online Community Alive!
Curricular Science the 'Curry' way!
Geography Awareness
Principal of the Year Ray Mellberg
eBook Technology
Respect Means...
Creative Uses for Digital Cameras in the Classroom
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 4)
Young Lawyers Ementoring Magnet Students
The Welcome Mat of a High School On-Line Community
Plato Lives...
The Asphalt Classroom
26 Teaching Tips for the Dog Days
Using Storytelling in the Classroom
Recapturing the Courage to Teach
To Leave No Child Behind
If you say you CAN'T, it means you WON'T
Something Nice a Student Did Yesterday...
When Your Child Comes Home Messy
Praise vs. Encouragement
People Don't Play...
Apple Seeds
Special Days This Month
Poem - Song of a Second April
The Lighter Side of Teaching
  • YENDOR'S Top Ten
  • Culprit Management
  • Schoolies
  • Woodhead
  • Handy Teacher Recipes
    Classroom Crafts
    Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
    "Why Do We Have Night" from the Lesson Bank
    Upcoming Ed Conferences
    Letters to the Editor
    The School Web Page: A Vehicle for Innovation
    Eighth Emerson Prizes Awarded in Boston
    Student Nanoexperiments Will Help Future Astronauts on Mars
    The 11th Annual National Institute for Early Childhood Professional
    International Conference on Computers in Education
    SESSIONS ANNOUNCED: Congress in the Classroom 2002
    Teacher Network United States Mint
    DEADLINE: Civic Education Grants
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    The Social Studies, Geography, History Chatboard...
    is dedicated to discussions of issues related to social studies, geography, history, civics, and world events. Visit the Social Studies/Geography/History Chatboard to ask for advice, help a fellow teacher solve a problem, or keep up-to-date.
    The Ed Advocacy Chatboard...
    Plug into the latest issues in teaching and educational legislation. Education is a hot topic in local and national elections this year - help direct the dialog by making your voice heard in the teacher community. Visit the new Ed Advocacy Chatboard and contribute often.

    An excellent place to network with other school administrators. Post inquiries and ideas - share and gain advice from like-minded individuals.


    In Focus...
    SESSIONS ANNOUNCED: Congress in the Classroom 2002

    From: The Dirksen Congressional Center

    Congress in the Classroom® is a national, award-winning education program now in its tenth year. It is sponsored by The Dirksen Congressional Center located in Pekin, Illinois in cooperation with Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, and is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information on teaching about Congress.

    Congress in the Classroom® is designed for secondary school teachers and junior and community college faculty who teach U.S. history, government civics, political science, or social studies. Between 30 and 35 teachers are selected each year to take part in the program. Nearly 200 applied for the 2001 program.

    The 2002 program theme will be "Congress and Public Policy." Individual sessions and presenters that will be offered include:

    • Congressman Ray LaHood (R-IL), "The Public Policy Achievements and Disappointments of the 107th Congress"
    • Michael Eichberg, Science Policy Fellow, American Chemical Society, "Science Policy in the 107th Congress: Stem Cell and Cloning Research Contrasted with Bioterrorism Policy"
    • Jay Farrar and Moira Whelan, Center for Strategic and International Studies, "Emerging National Security Issues"
    • Dan Fouts, Maine West High School (Des Plaines, IL), "Mind University: An Internet Teaching Tool"
    • Steve Frantzich, Professor of Political Science, U.S. Naval Academy, "Coalition Building in Congress"
    • Pamela S. Katz, Associate Professor of Legal Studies, The Sage Colleges, "Separation of Powers: Another Victim of September 11?"
    • Cindy Koeppel and Frank Mackaman, The Dirksen Congressional Center, "The Dirksen Center's Web Suite: A Resource for the Classroom"
    • D. Eric Schansberg, Professor of Economics, Indiana University (New Albany), "Public Choice Economics: Understanding the Intersection Between Economic and Political Markets"
    • Steven E. Schier, Professor of Political Science, Carleton College, "What Young People Ought to Know about Congress but Probably Don't"
    • George Southworth, Associate Director, Public Affairs, National Association of Manufacturers, "Congressional Insight: A Computer Simulation of a Member's First Term in the House of Representatives"
    • Loren Yager, Director, International Affairs and Trade Issues, U.S. General Accounting Office, "Trade Policy: Exploring Global Pressures, Domestic Interests, and Partisan Politics"
    • "Best Practices for Teaching About Congress and Government" [demonstrations by participating teachers of effective lesson plans and teaching strategies]

    Participants will also gain experience with The Center's educational Web site, CongressLink -- -- which features online access to lesson plans, student activities, historical materials, related Web sites, and subject matter experts. Throughout the program participants will work with the national experts, listed above, as well as colleagues from across the nation. This combination of first-hand knowledge and peer-to-peer interaction will present new ideas, materials, and a professionally enriching experience.

    The workshop will be held July 29 - August 1, 2002, on the campus of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Congress in the Classroom® is free to participants. Participants will have the option of purchasing one hour of graduate credit from Bradley University; the cost in 2001 was $415.

    The deadline for application is April 17, 2002. Enrollment is competitive and limited to thirty-five. Selection will be determined by The Center. Individuals will be notified of their acceptance status by May 15.

    Take a look at The Dirksen Center Web site --
    -- to see what participants say about the program.

    If you are interested in registering for the Congress in the Classroom® 2002 workshop, you can complete an online registration form found at:

    CONTACT: Frank H. Mackaman
    The Dirksen Congressional Center
    301 South 4th Street, Suite A
    Pekin, IL 61554
    Phone: (309) 347-7113
    Fax: (309) 347-6432


    In Focus...
    Teacher Network United States Mint

    From: Diana K. Eggers
    The Learning Space

    The Learning Space (a non-profit teacher organization) working with the U.S. Mint invites you to join the H.I.P. Pocket Change (HPC) Teacher Network. The HPC team has put together a FANTASTIC website for teachers and kids. The website includes a library of lesson plans, collaborative projects (coming soon!), quarterly newsletter, interactive games, and best of all it is FREE!

    The Teachers' Network offers educators the following options:
    Via Email, you can:

    • Participate in online collaborative projects on history and language arts!
    • receive notifications when new lesson plans are added to the site (just identify what subjects and grade levels you're looking for)
    • get the Making Cents quarterly newsletters directly. We've even thrown in some education extras.
    • be the first to know "What's New for You" - an update on new content created just for teachers
    • receive detailed overviews of information on H.I.P Pocket Change nationwide projects

    By Registering, you can:

    • submit lesson plans and educational units for other teachers in the Network to reference.

    The Teachers' Network offers educators the opportunity to opt-in and out of any network activity. This way, you can identify how much involvement with which you're comfortable. At any point, a teacher in the HPC Teachers' Network can adjust his or her profile - thereby instantly altering his or her participation level.

    To sign up visit:
    Click on the 'Teachers' coin, then scroll down and click on 'Teacher Network.'

    See you online,
    Diana Eggers

    Diana K. Eggers
    The Learning Space
    Executive Director
    phone: 425.313.8918
    fax: 425.369.0576