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Volume 3 Number 9

U.S.Coast Guard AVDET 157 welcomes the opportunity during deployment to the South Pole to communicate with classrooms across the United States. Throughout the voyage, aviation personnel will correspond with schools that are interested in Operation Deep Freeze...
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Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters
by JoAnn Deak, Ph.D., with Teresa Barker "Just because everybody's doing it doesn't make it right. There's so much that 'everybody's doing' that isn't right or healthy for girls. And how can I expect my twelve-year-old to make sense of things if I can't do it myself?"...

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Master Teachers Have Healthy Self-Esteems
by Glenn F. Dietzel Students pick up very quickly the confidence level of their teachers. Master teachers have a high self-esteem. They convey to their students that they are ready for action...

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Beyond Books:
Making the Most of Today's Library Resources

by Cindy Rogers

It's not the same library you visited in back in Junior High... At least, it shouldn't be! You will still find books in the library, but there now is so much more. Technology is a vital part of your school library...

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A Word Wall Story
by Louise/2/Albuquerque
from the 4blocks Mailring

I want to share something that happened in my class with the word wall this year. It was Monday, and I was introducing the five new words for the week...

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What Makes a Truly Great Principal?
A chatboard survey initiated by "TLC"

A good principal takes care of his business. Among these duties includes taking as good of care with his faculty's needs as the students' needs...

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Pension Loophole

by Allen Pusey - The Dallas Morning News

A fast-growing technique used by Texas teachers to circumvent federal pension limitations could drain more than $450 million in unintended benefits from the Social Security system, says a report issued Wednesday by congressional auditors...

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Emphasis On Testing
Leads To Sacrifices
In Other Areas

by Alfie Kohn

Despite the nearly unanimous view of experts that play is critical to development, recess has been cut back as a result of testing pressures. In Atlanta, where recess was simply eliminated, at least one new school was built without a playground...

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The Teachers.Net Gazette is a cooperative publication by and for members of the Teachers.Net community. We accept for consideration brief articles (approximately 350-2500 words) on topics of interest to educators. Articles should be fully edited, spell checked, and ready for publication. Send submissions by e-mail to along with a brief biography written in third person. A digital photo (headshot) is desirable but optional. Teachers.Net reserves the right to edit articles accepted for publication.
Kathleen Carpenter - Editor in Chief
Mary Miehl - Technical Editor

Tips for Getting Published

U. S. Coast Guard Polar Operations: Teachers.Net Teams with U.S. Coast Guard Operation Deep Freeze

Individual classrooms throughout the United States have the opportunity to receive weekly messages and photos from aviators assigned to the operation...

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September 11 Resources


Etta Kralovec & John Buell:
Homework as an Issue in American Politics

We remain convinced that homework as currently constituted is a largely ineffective and overly burdensome practice...

Dr. Rob Reilly:
Privacy in a Technological Age

I wonder if we'd even be aware of a privacy violation if it bite us in the touhus! It seems that no one really has a sound understanding of privacy as it now relates to the Internet and the Web...

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Bill Page:

  Relational Discipline

For many classroom teachers, discipline means managing behavior problems or classroom control. It is equated with obedience (or disobedience) or "minding" the teacher, and it is used to deal with "how to get kids to shut up, sit down, pay attention, follow directions, and at least act interested."...

Bill Page:
Teachers Are Individuals Too

One day, as I visited Trish and the 30 kids in her program, she questioned, "Well, what would you do with that kid?" That kid being, Tyrone, a six foot tall, lanky but muscular, seventh grader who was two years older and two feet taller than most of the other kids and who had served two hitches at Jardonia, Juvenile Facility...

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compiled by Jerry Taylor:
Veteran Educators Share Tips for New Teachers

Be flexible. If a lesson isn't working...abandon. If a lesson needs more time...extend. If a lesson has been learned...leave it for new territories...

From the NEW Learning Centers Chatboard: Learning Centers - 3 Helpful Threads

Learning Centers - Questions to Ask Yourself, "Take It to Your Seat Language Arts Centers: Grades 4-6" review, Early Childhood Centers in Tubs/Containers...

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Janet Farquhar:

  Dear Old Golden Rule Days - Chapter 3 - Music

Eric's father talking about warming his son's behind reminded me of Hilda's insistence that thrashing was the only way to deal with my bad boy, Sam...

Grace Vyduna-Haskins:
Teaching Gayle To Read (Part 7)

It's been two months since I last reported on Gayle's progress in reading. Gayle has now completed first grade and is a far more confident competent child that the floundering non-reader I first met at the end of October, 2001...

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Also in this issue:

Focus on After-School Time for Violence Prevention
by Peggy Patten & Anne S. Robertson - ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

An estimated eight million school-age children are home alone after school (U.S. Department of Education, 2001). These are the hours when violent juvenile crime peaks and when youth are most likely to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and sex... Then the kids come...

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    Teachers.Net Survey Chatboard Poll: What Makes a Truly Great Principal?
    The Light In Our Lives by Pamela Owen
    A Project for Exchanging Creative Lessons & Ideas by Sandy Andrews
    The White House National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign from: National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
    The Sun Times - Global Sun Temperature Project from: Joshua Koen, Project Leader

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