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Volume 4 Number 5

Too many people in the general public continue to think that teaching is a job that anyone can do. Wrong! Teaching is a special calling. Teaching is a mission.
Overworked and Under- appreciated - A Tribute to Teachers...
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slow learners

hello! my sister is a slow learner. She is
22 yrs old and is still attending a special
school accomodating students similar to her
case. My parents wants her to stop schooling
becuase there are no major imporovements. It
seems she has reached her peak in
education...there is nothing more she could
learn. So my parents are looking for a job
to keep her going! We are thinking about
applying her in a fast food chain where she
could take orders, clean the table, etc or
better yet, enroll her in computer classes.
She is very persistent in learning and she
doesnt want to work on something that
requires no thinking because she views
herself "normal" and would not allow herself
to be belittled. She is sometimes stubborn
in accepting her capabilities, and hopes to
be in college, get a job and get married. So
please advise/suggest a job suitable for
her. Kindly email me to thise who are
concerned on this matter. I would really
appreciate your help and support! Thank You!

Jill Ang,,

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