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Volume 4 Number 5

Too many people in the general public continue to think that teaching is a job that anyone can do. Wrong! Teaching is a special calling. Teaching is a mission.
Overworked and Under- appreciated - A Tribute to Teachers...
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Letters to the Editor...

I am a passionate teacher-researcher! I
want to see teachers creating their own
research base, sharing the knowledge
they create and engaging creatively with
others' including academic researchers.
I work as a research mentor - I wrote the
guidelines for the research mentors
awarded DfES Best Practice Research
Scholarships at

I am writing to find out how we can work
together to help teachers undertake
systematic enquiry in their classrooms
asking questions like How can I improve
my tutor group's learning in year 7? How
can we work together as a school to
increase our emotional intelligence so
that our pupils in Year 5 learn better ?

Do look at I
came across your website when I was
working at a primary school this morning
when a teacher asked me How can we
excite children to become more aware of
the need to be physically fit ....? I really
like your site but I would like to see a
section devoted to networking teachers'
own enquiries ... I'd love to work with you!

Sarah Fletcher,,

This month's letters:

  • Probability device, 5/28/03, by Michael Meredith.
  • slow learners, 5/27/03, by Jill Ang.
  •, 5/23/03, by Sarah Fletcher.
  • ADD, 5/17/03, by Karen.
  • Asking for more troubles, 5/14/03, by M. Shah Jahan Bhatti.
  • Looking for a German teacher? Here I am!, 5/09/03, by Kathrin Nienhaus.
  • wrongful allegations against NRIs, 5/09/03, by Malini Char.
  • Teacher available on Internet, 5/05/03, by M. SHAH JAHAN BHATTI.


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