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Volume 3 Number 5

Harry & Rosemary Wong urge, "If you are a teacher applying for a job, it is essential that you ask the question at the interview: Does this district have a new teacher induction program? "...
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All my Children

by Sandy Preston
I was thinking about all my children today...

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Improving Classroom Grading Procedures
by Bill Page
Here are some ways to help your students learn more and get better grades...

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The Reading Puzzle
by Lisa Frase
Reading is a puzzle made up of fluid pieces. The pieces are rearranged based on current research, student needs and the teacher's instructional style...

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Nobody Should Go Through It
by Sara Turansky
"You give me your lunch money, or I'm gonna beat you up!"...

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High School Research Papers
by Will Fitzhugh, Editor,
The Concord Review

Some people say that high school seniors cannot be expected to write a 12-page history research paper, and in many cases they are right...

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Field Day
from: The Teachers.Net Mailrings
Teachers.Net Mailring subscribers share Field Day activities...

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Field Day Games & Activities
by Joe Russo
A Physical Education Teacher shares his Field Day plans...

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The Creation-Evolution Controversy: A Guide for Teachers
by Stewart E Brekke
Because of the controversy over the teaching of evolution/intentional design, many science teachers should know where we stand on the subject...

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The Teachers.Net Gazette is a cooperative publication by and for members of the Teachers.Net community. We accept for consideration brief articles (approximately 350-2500 words) on topics of interest to educators. Articles should be fully edited, spell checked, and ready for publication. Send submissions by e-mail to along with a brief biography written in third person. A digital photo (headshot) is desirable but optional. Teachers.Net reserves the right to edit articles accepted for publication.
Kathleen Carpenter - Editor in Chief
Mary Miehl - Technical Editor

Tips for Getting Published

Harry & Rosemary Wong:
The Miracle of Teachers
What teachers do is nothing short of a miracle that humbles and inspires us all...
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Teaching: An Awesome Responsibility
The Teacher is the Difference

by Bill Page
Making teaching decisions is an awesome responsibility...
Computer Use Policy: Informing the User's Consent
by Dr. Rob Reilly
When crafting policy statements, especially when technology is involved, always assume that there is a need to provide the user with an explanation...
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Families Get Organized For Success
by Jay Davidson
I was intrigued to discover that there is a relationship between a clean, well-organized home and the educational and financial success of the children who grew up there...
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A Dozen Sure Fire Ways to Boost Memory in the Diverse Classroom
by Susan Gingras Fitzell
Do you have students who have difficulty remembering information for tests? Most teachers do...
A Lesson in Economics by Alan Greenspan
by Lawrence F. Roberge
A few weeks ago, I directed my Internet connection to the site...
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The Benefits of eBooks:
Learning With an Attitude!

by Glenn Dietzel
Optimal learning is all about the "body language" of the information to be delivered---Learning with an attitude!...
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Temperate Deciduous Forests

"OH DEER!" Game

Zheljko Stanimirovic

If you live in the climatic zone of temperate deciduous forests, you may want to include the topic in your curriculum year-round. Here are some suggestions for each season...

What? No TV!
by Joy Jones
How would it feel to go four days without the television or the computer? Would you feel desperate or would it make you free? My seventh and eighth graders could tell you how it felt, since that is the assignment I gave them...
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Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 5)
by Grace Vyduna-Haskins
There is light at the end of the tunnel and it glows a bit brighter each day...
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Another Way To Look At It...or...Thinking Like A Child
by Linda Todd
Slow down and listen when you're around young children...
Music Lesson: Teaching High/Low Tones
from: The Early Childhood Mailring
In my Music class we are doing a lesson plan explaining High/Low (tone). I have been searching for a approriate song that we can use to teach to preschoolers about the concept and that is also fun and may have some actions that show high and low...
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Museums: Hands-on and More!
from: Early Years Are Learning Years
Museum tours can involve so much more than standing quietly in front of stuffy, ancient paintings...
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