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Volume 3 Number 5

Harry & Rosemary Wong urge, "If you are a teacher applying for a job, it is essential that you ask the question at the interview: Does this district have a new teacher induction program? "...
The Miracle of Teachers
Teaching: An Awesome Responsibility
The Teacher is the Difference
All my Children
Improving Classroom Grading Procedures
Computer Use Policy: Informing the User's Consent
Families Get Organized For Success
Museums: Hands-on and More!
A Dozen Sure Fire Ways to Boost Memory in the Diverse Classroom
Another Way To Look At It...or...Thinking Like A Child
A Lesson in Economics by Alan Greenspan
The Benefits of eBooks: Learning With an Attitude!
The Reading Puzzle
Nobody Should Go Through It
Temperate Deciduous Forests
"OH DEER!" Game
What? No TV!
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 5)
High School Research Papers
Music Lesson: Teaching High/Low Tones
Field Day
Field Day Games & Activities
The Creation-Evolution Controversy: A Guide for Teachers
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About Bill Page...

Bill is a teacher who has served as originator, program director, teacher trainer, and demonstration teacher for Project Enable* ...a six year research project of the Central Midwestern Regional Educational Laboratory (CEMREL) funded by the U.S. Office of Education. Bill went on to apply his research principles in an elementary school and trained teachers through summer courses at the University of California.

Bill has taught courses at 86 different universities and has presented Staff Development Programs, seminars and conferences to more than 100,000 teachers, at more than 2000 school districts, throughout the U.S. and Canada.

*Project Enable involved the lowest achievers in 15 junior high schools in suburban St. Louis, Missouri and inner city Nashville, Tennessee. One premise of the research was that "It's not what is wrong with the kids; it's what we are doing to them. "Bill trained 48 teachers as an integral part of his research, changed their relationships their attitudes and their teaching strategies. The students in turn changed their attitudes, their responsibility and their achievement. Their gains in reading and math were remarkable, many gaining three and four grade levels in a matter of months."

For additional information, visit Bill's web site:
or e-mail him:

Teacher Feature...

Teaching: An Awesome Responsibility

by Bill Page

I make decisions in my classroom

all of them
each moment
each day,
every day

By these decisions, I make my lessons

exciting, inviting,
stimulating, boring,
confusing, difficult, or
effective, and appropriate.

My decisions determine the classroom climate,

the atmosphere, the aura,
the ambiance or the mood, and
conditions conducive to learning

I am in charge; I am responsible,

I can create anxiety,
hesitancy, uncertainty; or
satisfaction, happiness,
exhilaration and anticipation

My classroom presentation can be,

interesting, boring,
monotonous, dynamic
tedious, humorous,
enthusiastic, or dull

My decisions, my power, my actions, my responses and
my failure to decide, to act or to respond makes my lessons

worthwhile, memorable,
worthless, harmful,
helpful, useful
valuable, and impressive

As teacher, I control kids' lives for a period of time

I can affect their attitude
their feelings, and their emotions,
their desires, interest,
attention, and aspirations

My decisions make their lives better or worse

for the moment,
for a little while
for future learning and perhaps
for time to come.

I remember times when I myself as a student, felt

angry, upset,
embarrassed, alone,
helpless, inadequate,
resentful, and troubled.

I still harbor some of the frustration,

resentment, and pain from those times; but
there is nothing I can do about my pain.
I can also feel the hurt and frustration in some of my students, and,
I can do something about their pain

I can decide at any given moment

to smile or to frown,
to give an "F" or to give a second chance,
to be autocratic or to be democratic,
to be an uncaring and authoritarian,
to be caring and empathetic.

My responsibility is to help my students

to develop positive attitudes,
to learn to be confident and competent,
to become knowledgeable,
to become productive and independent
to become world class citizens.

Making teaching decisions is an awesome responsibility
And the decisions are all mine.