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Volume 3 Number 5

Harry & Rosemary Wong urge, "If you are a teacher applying for a job, it is essential that you ask the question at the interview: Does this district have a new teacher induction program? "...
The Miracle of Teachers
Teaching: An Awesome Responsibility
The Teacher is the Difference
All my Children
Improving Classroom Grading Procedures
Computer Use Policy: Informing the User's Consent
Families Get Organized For Success
Museums: Hands-on and More!
A Dozen Sure Fire Ways to Boost Memory in the Diverse Classroom
Another Way To Look At It...or...Thinking Like A Child
A Lesson in Economics by Alan Greenspan
The Benefits of eBooks: Learning With an Attitude!
The Reading Puzzle
Nobody Should Go Through It
Temperate Deciduous Forests
"OH DEER!" Game
What? No TV!
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 5)
High School Research Papers
Music Lesson: Teaching High/Low Tones
Field Day
Field Day Games & Activities
The Creation-Evolution Controversy: A Guide for Teachers
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Teacher Feature...

Field Day Games & Activities

contributed by Joe Russo
Physical Education Teacher
Aviano Elementary School

Four Square
Ways to play:
  1. Bounce it, hit it under hand into the opponent’s square.
  2. Use your foot to kick it into the opponent’s square
  3. Use both hands to toss the ball into the air and the opponent must "JUMP" up to catch it. If he/she doesn’t jump up to catch it s/he is out.

Basketball free throws

  1. See how many baskets you can make from a certain distance. 10 shots only
    1. Three meters away (just measure using your stride) then four, and five meters

Tin Can relay

  1. You must walk a certain distance on the tin cans and return. Pass them off to another person. First team to complete these wins.

Sack Hop Relay

  1. Stand in the sack, and race to a certain point and return. Give sack to the next person in line until all people have raced. First team back wins.

Volley Ball (6 players to a team)

  1. Team need to make one pass, before they throw it over. Up to three passes are allowed. Follow the same rules for Volleyball!


  1. Students line up on a line, and must run 20 meters away and stop, then when they hear a "BEEP" they run back. This is repeated until only one person is left running or until all of the BEEPS have expired.

Cross Country Run

  1. Students will run around the hard top, (around the cones) must run around 8 times (1/2 mile) First one back wins.

Hula Hoop

  1. Students will Hula-Hoop for 1 min. (might have to have 10 students at a time)
  2. After all of the students have Hula-Hoop then those that reached the 1-min. mark may try for 2 minutes. (Again, might have to have heats)
  3. Those that completed two minutes try for 3 minutes etc.


  1. Students will juggle beanbags…
    1. 1 at a time
    2. 2 at a time
    3. (If possible 3 at a time!)
  2. Longest one to juggle without dropping it wins

Lily Pad Race

  1. Students must be in contact with the Lily Pad at all times. Each line should have 5 people and 5 Lily Pads. They are to race until a certain point. If one of the pads is not in contact with a player on the team then it will be taken away from them and that team will only have 4 Lilly Pads to work with.

Clean Your Room

  1. Students will be divided up into two teams. Soft yarn balls will be put in an area; they are to throw the balls of yarn over to the other side. The team with the most yarn balls on the other side wins.

Frisbee throws

  1. Two partners throw a Frisbee and when one person catches it they both take one step back. The two that throw it the furthest and catch it win. (Might have two pairs throw at the same time, if space permits three or four pairs.)

Tennis Ball Bounce

  1. Students get 10 tennis balls to bounce and see how many get into the box. If there is a tie, there is a run off after everyone had a chance.

Clothes Hang/Fold

  1. Students are in two teams and must hang up a piece of clothing. (have 5 students to a team)
  2. After hanging the clothing, they can run the event again, and hang the clothes one at a time and then retrieve it and fold it. (I’m hoping some of the kids may say, Hey, this is mine, and afterwards take it HOME!)


  1. Play with the parachute…

Make a: Mushroom, sit inside, play popcorn (throw some whiffle balls on top and shake it.

Team Walkers

  1. Two person teams walk a certain distance and return. (Winners later race against each other.)

Jump Rope

  1. 10 jump ropes - Have 10 children at a time, and see who can jump for 1 min. Afterwards, take those that jumped for a minute and have them jump for 1 and ½ minutes, then take those and try to jump for 2 min.


  1. Pins are set up and from about 10 -- 15 feet away person rolls the ball and knocks them down.