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Volume 3 Number 1

Harry & Rosemary Wong say, "All effective schools have a culture and it is the information one gets from a culture that sends a message to the students that they will be productive and successful." This month the Wongs offer more examples of successful school and classroom management...
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Online Classrooms by Leslie Bowman
The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
Around the Block by Cheryl Ristow
Ask the Literacy Teacher by Leigh Hall
The Visually Impaired Child
Teaching Is...
Avoiding the 'Stares' When Intellectually Challenging Disadvantaged Students: Partnership Lessons from the HOTS Program
Why Use an Interactive Whiteboard?
A Bakerís Dozen Reasons!
The Effects Of Diet
Bully Advice For Kids
Teaching Gayle to Read (Part 2)
Both Sides Now in Gifted Education
What Are We Aiming At--What Do We Really Want To Aim At?
Teaching Graph from the Grassroots
Why Teachers Need Tenure
A Different Perspective to the Holidays
A Lesson Learned
Follow The Wonder
The Lighter Side of Teaching
Handy Teacher Recipes
Classroom Crafts
Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
New in the Lesson Bank
Upcoming Ed Conferences
Letters to the Editor
Chatboard Poll
eIditarod 2002
Planetary Society Protests Stop to Near-Earth Object Observations
Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
7th Annual Multidisciplinary Symposium on Breast Disease
Arab American Students in Public Schools
School Bus Subsidies for Field Trip to 2002 Tour De Sol
Gazette Home Delivery:

Letters to the Editor...

I stayed out of this discussion the first
time I came across it, probably should now
too but here goes...
I am a new teacher but a long time parent.
I have had my differences with the schools.
My son was told to quit high school and quit
wasting everyones time by his health
teacher. This is a person who by everyone's
accounts does absolutely nothing to earn her
paycheck. Unfortunately, he took her
advice, not mine but since them mom has
gotten smarter and he got his degree.
I feel as a teacher I am being held
accountable. I have a plan book that is
checked regularly, I have an observation by
my principal coming up and he reviews many
of the things we do in class. He asked to
see a set of math tests I had given the kids
, and I was more than happy to give them to
him. The lowest grade was an 82 out of 19
I really have a great class this year but I
have some parents who don't consider school
important enough to waste their time on. It
is a service to them that we keep their kids
safe and busy all day while they do other
I wish there was something we could do to
really hold these parents accountable. One
thing I have started to do is document a lot
of little things. I keep track of parent
responses or non responses with dates etc.
I have also been doing little things that
let the parents know that I am keeping
track, like making a note in the corner "2
copies" and things like that. If I can't
force them maybe I can shame them or scare
them into it. I have made notes in kids
files when they come to school with no coats
in January.
I am doing this job because I love it, not
for the paycheck. I taught in a private
school for $8,000 a year just three years
ago. I left there because they lost their
professional attitude towards education.
The school I work in is small and I would
say with only one or two exceptions we have
the best staff of teachers going. We are
concerned for our students and go the extra
mile for them all the time. We support each
other and the students 100%.
I only wish the parents supported us half
that much.


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