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Volume 3 Number 10

"Everybody loves hummingbirds, and they are wonderful tools to excite students about learning."

That quote from a classroom teacher is the basic premise of Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project...

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    Candles of Inspiration...

    Trouble in Little Texas

    by Rhonda Henson

    There is trouble in Little Texas
    He may not be what he seems
    A child placed here among us
    A child who cannot trust dreams

    We cannot understand the world he calls his own
    Struggling, without guidance, inside fighting to grow
    An adult kid who cannot trust those who are supposedly grown
    Fighting against them and yet needing to be loved so

    He is a child, yet not, that is fighting to survive
    Destroying the part of himself that wants to please
    Battling memories of the dead past, a past yet alive
    With a force that would drive a man to his knees

    Building the armor around his heart, his soul
    Is his response to the hurt done by the trusted adults
    Never knowing who truly is friend or foe
    Confusion and rebellion, unguided behavior results

    Not understanding why those who are suppose to love 
    Cause a stirring within him self, emotions of worry, pain and loss
    Yet one disciplining him, iron from within the velvet glove
    Dares him to hope and dream, he has a bridge to cross

    Does a child trust someone whom, in his lifetime,
    Will not be with him through it all to the end
    How does a child understand there is one, stern but kind
    Having been there herself and is not just a teacher, but a friend

    There is trouble with Mrs. Teacher
    She may not be what she seems
    A past not shared among us
    That guides her to dare Little Texas to dream.

    This is the Kind Of Moment I Live For

    by Bill T 7 NC Science and Math (GATE)

    It's often said that gems often come out of the mouths of babes.

    One of my students, a girl, was on my 6th grade team last year. The girl struggled with math, would often break down in tears of frustration, and lived in absolute DREAD of tests and quizzes.

    Well, this morning, when I returned her quiz paper (the one with ANOTHER 100% on of a series) I chided her, "Now look what you've done to your math grade. It's ALL your fault!" The child knows I was kidding.

    She looked back at me, eyes a twinkle, but with a straight face and said, "Actually, it's YOUR fault..."

    Ah! The spoils of war!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Random Act of Kindness Today

    by MaryB

    Today the fire alarm went off. My ESL class lined up outside on the sidewalk and we watched the teacher and aides of the severe/profound students (middle school age) wheel the kids out in their wheelchairs and other modes of transportation. I was watching my 17 students observe the students. It was raining lightly and although it was 65 degrees, it felt quite a bit cooler. A couple of my boys (who are Hispanic and occasionally like to act tough) were watching the teacher rub the forearms of one of the severe/profound boys, when one of my students took off his outer shirt and walked over and put it over the boy to warm him up/keep him dry. I was really proud of his concern since a lot of the other kids in the school would have been staring, making comments, or laughing at the kids. It really made my day.

    A Little Candle I Think

    by Alison/Aus

    I was teaching a year 7 class the other day when my coordinator from the other subject I teach came to the door to talk about the upcoming year 10 and 12 graduations. My kids had just come in, and while I was at the door they just sat and spoke quietly to the people around them. Without being reminded they were using quiet classroom voices, and everybody stayed in their seats and basically waited with beautiful manners. Our conversation went on for quite some time, and I was getting edgy to get back to my kids. Just then she commented to me on what I'd been noticing - that the kids were just wonderful. At that point the volume started to rise somewhat, just because it does with 12 and 13 year olds. I looked back into the room, said quietly "Kids...," put my finger to my lips then took my other hand and dropped it slowly towards the floor. The volume went down as my hand did. I was absolutely stunned. My beautiful wonderful kids! (Each child in that class got a bronze award for co-operative behaviour - it goes towards an eventual principal's medallion)

    Not only was this a candle for my kids, but I think it was also a candle for me. This coordinator is my first port of call for another class where I have a group of very difficult kids. She sees me only with that class, and I sometimes feel that she could have a slightly skewed view of my abilities (or should that say difficulties). She saw me in action in a positive situation where the class and I together have built a relationship that allowed what she saw to happen. I think she's been able to see me in a different light, and that wouldn't have been possible without my wonderful kids.

    Anyway, I'd been feeling sick and wondering whether I should even be at school that day, and it just made my day - my week in fact.

    A Candle

    by Sunday Moon

    Yesterday was kind of a hectic day. It was Friday, my kids were VERY energetic and I was VERY tired. I was dragging a little when I walked by one of our group tables at the side of my room. On the table was a piece of paper and written on it was, "I LOVE MY TEACHER MS. D." One of my little 3rd graders was sitting there earlier reading a book and she must have done it then. It really gave me the energy and attitude to make it through the day successfully.
    Thanks, Samantha!!!! :-)

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