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Volume 1 Number 8

Success and failure. Seems pretty clear-cut, doesn't it? This month's cover story/excerpt by author Richard Bromfield explores the reality of Success and Failure.
Effective Teaching by Harry Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
The Trouble With... by Alfie Kohn
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Bobbi Fisher
Afterschool Intervention
Teachers Not Camp Counselors
Silence Ain't Golden
Enhancing the Curriculum
Thailand 2000
Heroes Unaware
Links Worth The Click
Myth of the Quick Fix
Integrative Curriculum in a Standards-Based World
Student Scientists Win Spot on Mars Team
Teaching Children to be Active Voters
Letters to the Editor
Poll: Favorite Quotes
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Upcoming Ed Conferences
Humor from the Classroom
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Letters to the Editor...
US Teachers- Elections Quickly Approaching

As you, my fellow colleagues, are all aware,
the elections are quickly approaching. I
urge all of you to urge your students'
parents in your weekly newsletters this week
or in any conferences or contacts, to make
sure they are registered to vote.

I know we aren't allowed to wear political
buttons to work but if I have been asked by
anyone, I am quick to show them what each
candidate has stated about education and
what they want for the future of our state
or country. My opinions might play a role
but I just show them the facts which have
been stated by the candidates themselves.

Personally, I know in my state, our whole
state of education will drastically change
if a particular candidate is elected. Check
out what is going on in your own state. Urge
your students' parents to register.
Encourage them to vote in November. Find out
what your candidates are standing for,
especially in education.


This month's letters:

  • fund raising ideas, 10/08/00, by Anna.
  • US Teachers- Elections Quickly Approaching, 10/08/00, by eimmik.


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