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Volume 1 Number 8

Success and failure. Seems pretty clear-cut, doesn't it? This month's cover story/excerpt by author Richard Bromfield explores the reality of Success and Failure.
Effective Teaching by Harry Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
The Trouble With... by Alfie Kohn
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Bobbi Fisher
Afterschool Intervention
Teachers Not Camp Counselors
Silence Ain't Golden
Enhancing the Curriculum
Thailand 2000
Heroes Unaware
Links Worth The Click
Myth of the Quick Fix
Integrative Curriculum in a Standards-Based World
Student Scientists Win Spot on Mars Team
Teaching Children to be Active Voters
Letters to the Editor
Poll: Favorite Quotes
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Links Worth Checking Out...
One way to enhance your geography curriculum or, to help introduce geography into your curriculum is by celebrating Geography Awareness Week. This year the theme is "Conservation" and will be celebrated the week of November 12-15, 2000.....

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Enhancing the Classroom Curriculum...
The ten-two rule is ten minutes of instruction followed by two minutes of feedback. This feedback might be the students turning to each other to discuss what they just have learned or teacher-student feedback....

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Beth Bruno on Foul-Mouthed Students...
We're all accosted with obscenities at movie theaters, even when watching movies rated "G" for the general public. Scriptwriters supposedly create realism when their characters talk trash. To my ears such dialogue speaks to a writer's ignorance and laziness more than to efforts to portray memorable characters or absorbing scenes....

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Success and Failure....
While standards can be a good thing, and we know the dangers of expecting nothing from our children, they have surprises and side effects of their own. What does having Go Harvard, even if implicitly, embroidered on his crib sheet and diapers, overalls and sleepies, sweatshirts and wallpaper, do to a child? And what does it feel like to have parents want more than she can deliver...?

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Alfie Kohn Live This Month!
This month the gazette features another article by renowned author Alfie Kohn. Chat live this month with Alfie Kohn in the Teachers.Net Chatroom 10/26! Full story
Studies show it's not until middle school that homework begins to pay off. This month Marvin Marshall considers the role of homework in the modern classroom. Full story

Jan Fisher: Teachers Are Not Camp Counselors...
The good news about motivation is that it is not inborn. We can, and do, have a great influence here. Motivation is stimulated through modeling, communication of expectations, and direct instruction. Motivation is about putting forth and sustaining effort in order to learn....
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Start Class Effectively
Your first priority when class begins is not to take the roll; it is to get the students to work. This month Harry & Rosemary Wong explain "It's All in How You Start...."
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Kids Who Call the Words
4 Blocks guru Cheryl Sigmon explores the difference between word calling and reading. Find out why 4 Blocks literacy is sweeping the education world.
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Dr. Barbara Y. Wills reports on Thailand 2000...
We began and ended our Thailand travels in Bangkok. Traveling throughout Thailand by overnight trains, bus and cars to Ubon Ratchthani, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Pattaya and Korat were expereiences within themselves.....
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