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Volume 1 Number 8

Success and failure. Seems pretty clear-cut, doesn't it? This month's cover story/excerpt by author Richard Bromfield explores the reality of Success and Failure.
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Integrative Curriculum in a Standards-Based World
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by Goose/TX (

Our recent change of weather which occurred last weekend was a welcomed change for me, even though I had to dig out my winter golfing clothes to play a few rounds of golf last weekend. Since the weather made its abrupt change on Saturday, I mistakenly believed that when the students arrived at school Monday morning, they wouldnít be adversely affected by a weather change which occurred two days prior. I should have known better.

Monday morning when the students exploded into the building, I realized that not only had the weather change affected them, it must have been super charging them for the last two days. As the students rambunctiously roared into the halls from the busses, I realized that I was in for "one of those days" which happens quite often in the middle school.

I immediately changed my plans for the day and headed to the copy machine to make copies of my altered survival plans. Unfortunately, I forgot that it was Monday, which is the favorite day for the copy machine to experience obnoxiously annoying paper jams.

Just as I thought I was about to get my situation under control, the copy machine presented me with its first challenging paper jam. I immediately transferred my survival plans to the other copy machine while I attempted to provide the original machine with the necessary attention it required on Monday mornings. However, just as I was making progress with the paper jam situation, the other copy machine ran out of paper.

I frantically loaded the other copy machine with paper and returned to the paper jam which I managed to miraculously correct. Since the machine which I had just repaired copied much faster than the other machine, I again switched machines. After five or six copies, the machine challenged me with its second paper jam.

In a true professional manner, I yelled at the machine, kicked it a few times, and then ran over to the other machine and started it copying again. Just before the bell rang, I managed to unclog the paper jam. I grabbed my copies from the other copy machine, dodged through the throng of students stampeding through the hall, and triumphantly bounded into my room with my survival plans.

Unfortunately, I wasnít greeted with applause befitting a golden Olympic performance. The only greeting I received was, "What are we going to do today, Coach Hunter?" Realizing, that the students would not appreciate my heroic "war story" with the copy machines, I refrained from relating the story to them and replied in a rather subdued manner, "Survive."

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