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Volume 3 Number 11

A new museum dedicated to exploring the role of visual art in children's literature from around the world will open in Amherst, Massachusetts in November 2002...
Apple Seeds: Inspirational quotes by Barb Erickson
Special Days This Month by Ron Victoria
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Classroom Photos by Members of the Teachers.Net Community
November Poem
The Inward Morning
The Lighter Side of Teaching
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Doggy, Doggy, Who Has Your Bone? and themed variations from the Lesson Bank
Turkey Glyph
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Art Projects as Learning Activities? &
What is running wonderful classroom teachers out the school doors so early?
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About My School...

School buildings around the country, and the world, are often unique in appearance from one region to the other...influenced by local culture and climate. In each issue of the Gazette we will post pictures of various school buildings submitted by our readers. If you would like us to publish a picture of the school in which you work, send a clear digital photo of your school to Include your name, the name and location of the school, and any other information that might be of interest concerning your school. If your school district has a web site, feel free to include the url.

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Planning and Designing Schools
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School Design
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Educational Facilities: The Impact and Role of the Physical Environment of the School on Teaching, Learning and Educational Outcomes
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Teacher Feature

by The Teachers.Net Community

Featured Schools

"Thank you!" to those who have provided photos and information about their schools. We hope those whose schools are featured here will alert their colleagues and school administrators so they, too, can enjoy their 15 mintues of fame!

Suzanne Middle School

Walnut, California

Suzanne Middle School is a public school located in Walnut, California. It has 1400 students largely comprised of three minority groups. There are over 20 languages spoken by pupils reflecting the diversity of the school. Suzanne has been selected as "Distinquished" by the State of California several times. Student test scores have placed Suzanne in the top percentile of all schools. Current class sizes run over 30 students with more in algebra and physical education classes. Please feel free to type in Suzanne Middle School on your search engine to learn more about this institution.
Submitted by Alan Haskvitz

Loganville K-2 Primary School
Loganville, Georgia
Grades K - 2
Submitted by Tina Mitchell

Alma Middle School
Alma, Michigan USA
6th and 7th Grade
Submitted by Barb Leonard

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