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A new museum dedicated to exploring the role of visual art in children's literature from around the world will open in Amherst, Massachusetts in November 2002...
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About Classroom Photos...

Teachers LOVE to look around in other teachers' classrooms so we are showcasing some examples that capture the results of planning, hard work and the organizational skills of members of the Teachers.Net community in a digital photo album in Classroom Photos...

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Classroom Photos

contributed by Members of the Teachers.Net Community

Alison Taylor
Richland Elementary
Gibsonia, PA - 3rd grade

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I am 4 Blocks teacher.

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This photo shows a pocket chart for Working with Words, as well as my Word Wall. I also use Homeworkopoly to reinforce completion of homework. It is VERY popular and easy to do. Teachers can see the game board this photo.

About Homeworkopoly

Each morning, my students bring up their homework so they can roll the die to play Homeworkopoly.

If they pass go, they receive a Homework Pass. If they land on Community Lunchbox, they have to answer a triva question from last night's homework or yesterday's lesson to receive a small snack item. If they land on CHANCE, then they must correctly answer a trivia question to pick a prize from the treasure chest. Other squares do not have prizes connected to them. My kids AND parents LOVE IT because they are so motivated to do their homework so they can play.

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I had an ugly support post in the middle of my room. I covered it with bulletin board paper to create a tree. That led me to create a "Reader's Retreat" complete with a "pond" to read in. Children earn passes to read in the pond.

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I have 3 computers in my classroom which are connected to our school server and computer lab. Projects started in the lab can be accessed and completed in the classroom.

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We also love our student mailboxes. Any papers to go home are sorted by two "mail carriers" each day.

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