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Volume 3 Number 11

A new museum dedicated to exploring the role of visual art in children's literature from around the world will open in Amherst, Massachusetts in November 2002...
Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art from The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
Teaching Children about Native Americans -- How teachers can avoid promoting stereotypes by Diane Tells His Name, Oglala Lakota
Update on Operation Deep Freeze by LT. Marshall Branch and Kathleen Carpenter, Editor in Chief
Education's Rotten Apples by Alfie Kohn
Teacher Classroom Control Means Student Self-Control by Bill Page
Keyboarding: Some Assembly Required by Dr. Rob Reilly
The Music, Movement, and Learning Connection by Hap Palmer
Early Years Are Learning Years -- Mathematics Through Play by Dr. Smita Guha
Shifting the Approach - Middle School Math in American Community School, Abu Dhabi by Sara Turansky
The Hero Within by Don Quimby
Textbook Under Test by P R Guruprasad
Introverted Children in Extroverted Schools by Marti Olsen Laney
Vocabulary Words - Jargon by Jay Davidson
If You Can't You Should, If You Should You Must, If You Must, You Can! by Glenn Dietzel
Peace by Joy Jones
Positive Parent Contact Logs - An invaluable addition to the Teacher's Toolbox by Chuck Brickman
Bits and Pieces - Various Small Articles by The Teachers.Net Community
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Trapped by the Ice: Shackleton's Amazing Antarctic Adventure
by Michael McCurdy

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Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
by Alfred Lansing (Preface)

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Wonderful Flying Machines: A History of U.S.Coast Guard Helicopters
by Barrett Thomas Beard, Howard B. Thorsen

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Super Cool Science: South Pole Stations, Past, Present, and Future
by Sandra Markle

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Teacher Feature...

Update on Operation Deep Freeze
and the e-mails from Antarctica Project

by Kathleen Carpenter, Editor in Chief

Coast Guard LT. Marshall Branch is the U.S. Coast Guard officer and helicopter pilot who initiated and will be coordinating the e-mails from Antarctica Project Deep Freeze, acting as contact and guide for with Teachers.Net readers and classroom teachers who have signed up to participate. You can read all about the project in the September 2002 Gazette

Approximately 665 classrooms with close to 13,000 students will be participating in the weekly e-mails from Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica. Participating schools are scattered all across the United States, the UK, Canada, Italy, Uzbekistan, and 31 Department of Defense schools in Japan.

While the deadline has passed for signing up to participate, Teachers.Net readers will be able to access monthly updates from LT. Branch in each monthly Gazette for the duration of Operation Deep Freeze. So check back every month!

The latest message from LT. Branch:

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama!

The crew of AVDET 157 has completed their preparations and we are departing for Seattle on Monday! This will be the last email from this email address. In the future, all email will come from, and go to, Please note that change! I will not receive any email addressed to

Our plan is to depart Mobile, fly across the southwest states, then catch the Pacific coast and head north to Seattle. It'll take about 4 days to do by helicopter. Then, on November 4th, we'll be underway aboard the Coast Guard POLAR SEA! I will start sending weekly updates after the ship is underway, including a description of the scientific experiments we will be helping with.

Thanks to everyone who sent in information about their schools. More than 200 schools responded with over 650 classrooms represented!!

I look forward to talking with all of you next week!

Your partner in Adventure,


LT J. Marshall Branch
Polar Operations Division
U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center
8501 Tanner Williams Rd.
Mobile, AL 36608

An update received on November 10, 2002 from LT. Branch:

To all who signed up for e-mails from Antarctica,

We got underway from Seattle on Nov. 4th and are steaming west. Our computer system onboard is experiencing some technical difficulties and I have been unable to get out Operation Deep Freeze mass emails updates. I promise as soon as these issues are resolved, we'll get the other emails out to everyone who signed up.


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