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Volume 2 Number 7

Harry & Rosemary Wong say, "The effective teacher thinks, reflects, and implements." Read along this month with the Wongs and find out ways effective teachers use their cumulative knowledge to solve the most persistent problems....
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Busy Educator's Monthly 5
Find Online Degree Programs
Around the Block With...
"When Will We Use This?"
Reasonable Rules & Persistence
Thanksgiving Gratitude
CUE 2001: Happiest Place on Earth
Integration: A Rewarding Experience
Peace Corps Is More Than A Job
George Lucas Teacher Prep Series
Fish, Photograph & Release Contest
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Planetary Society Launches Pluto Campaign
Upcoming Ed Conferences
Humor from the Classroom
Letters to the Editor
New in the Lesson Bank
Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
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Buzz Aldrin at CUE 2001...
Here was a true American Hero and it was my great pleasure to be introduced to him. [His presentation] was a reminder of the value of a true primary source in education. The words of experience are often the most valuable of all....

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Thanksgiving Gratitude...
Kids are masterful at zeroing in on what they donít have and what they think they have to get. Thanksgiving is a good time to challenge that line of thinking - to help them appreciate what they have rather than mourn what they are missing....

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Harry & Rosemary Wong: The Effective Teacher Thinks
The human mind is a magnificent personal computer. In fact, it is the original PC. The effective teacher is always thinking, dreaming, and planning. Your future happiness and career depends on your ability to implement techniques and your capacity to grow with new ideas. We, also, unfortunately have the teachers who say, "But I can't use your techniques because I teach high school in a private school in Chile," or "My students are not reading up to grade level," or "The buses all arrive at different times, so I can't start the lessons on time...."
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Multiage 4-Blocks Classroom
We thought the Guided Reading Block was going to be the worst to adjust to multi age, but we love it the most! On Monday, we break up into two groups by grade levels to introduce the basal stories....
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Reflection And Self-Evaluation
Avoid asking a "Why?" question. Many times a young person does not know the reason for a behavior. Besides, such a question gives the student an excuse not to take responsibility....
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Around The Block With New Kids On The Block
I've actually been a Blockhead for about two years. That's when I first heard about the Four Blocks right here at Teachers.Net on the Four Blocks chatboard. I wasn't formally "diagnosed," though, until Cheryl contacted me and asked me to write this column. I mentioned that I might like to talk about how the Four Blocks fever has recently caught on in our area. Cheryl said she was excited to discover that I was a Blockhead, too! Finally, a name for my compulsive need to hang up words on the walls of my classroom...!
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Online Classroom Interactions
How does a teacher facilitate learning through discussion in an online classroom? Most of us do this everyday in our traditional face-to-face classrooms. We lead our students through discussions..... Full story
Placement for Immigrant Children
The process of evaluating the skills of foreign-born children is complex, because very few of the commonly used achievement and intelligence tests have been translated into other languages....
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