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Letters to the Editor...
Campaign Donations

I recently heard allegations from several
communities in Washington State that Supt.
of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson had
solicited $1,200 contributions for her re-
election campaign from every school board
director in the state. It probably wasn't
illegal, as she reportedly wrote to their
home addresses, but some individuals were
reportedly upset at her brazen request.

I e-mailed ten school board directors and
asked if they had received such requests. I
received strong denials, along with
criticism for listening to rumors and

Then I received an e-mail from a school
board director who confirmed it.

The situation bothers me for two reasons.
First, Terry Bergeson is backed by
virtually the entire Washington State
establishment. She has the Washington
Education Association (teachers union) and
corporate media behind her. If 1,400 school
board directors gave her $1,200 apiece,
she'd have over $1.5 million on top of of
everything else!

Second, it bothers me that the situation
should be hushed up. I'm not saying
Bergeson should be required to publicize
her requests for contributions, but the
tendency for so many school board directors
to toe the party line is somehow disturbing.

Political campaigns have become a sick
joke, with establishment candidates raking
in money hand over fist while grassroots
activists struggle just to pay the filing
fee. Kids need community representatives,
not corporate cash machines!

David Blomstrom,,

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