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Letters to the Editor...
teacher pay

I have recently re-introduced myself to
this website. I loved it in the p[ast and
hope for many years of sharing.

This past summer, after 19 years of
teaching, I moved 200 miles away and took a
job in a wonderful school. The move was
forced because of my husband's job change.

I was in shock when I realized the pay cut
I would be taking. It was only partially
made up for by my husband's raise. It was
is excess of $14,000. What's with that?

Is teaching the only profession that holds
its people hostage with financial
blackmail? I have a difficult time with
the entire nature of this controversy. I
now understand why teachers stay in the
same job year after year, with little hope
to change their situation.

I have written to my governor and state
representatives, but have received no

What do other teachers think about this?



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