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Letters to the Editor...
This Web/Teachers Only

Dear Teachers,

As a parent that has always supported you
and your profession I was appalled at the
attitude displayed in these postings. Is not
your profession "teaching" and is it geared
only to children?

I came to you as I had numerous questions re
garding education. I am the parent that has
to deal with a dysfuntional school district.
No PTA, no parent participation, voter
apathy, grants and loans continually denied,
and adminstration that rules with and iron
fist, and teachers that are treated poorly,
and have very little input. Letters to my
legistlators recieve no reply.

In my heart, I know that the children in
this community are not getting the
education they should be guaranteed. I
wouldn't have imposed if I had known you
true sediments. I was working under the
faulty assumption that we were to work "in
tadem" in educating children.

It is my sincerest hope that you reconsider
your stance. There are parent's out there
that do believe in you, know what you have
to deal with and are up against. Many of us
aren't familiar to the nuts and bolts
workings of education politics,or perhaps
we're intimidated by yours/administrators
knowledge.Inspite of that, we're parents
that love our children, are concerned about
them, their well being, and education.

Could you not teach us as well?

The parent you resent,,

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