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Helping Students Recall Information...
Ask a child what he or she learned over the last year and in the top ten items, the child will list a field trip, guest speaker, something extraordinary that happened in the class, to name a few. As an adult when I am driving down the road, I can hear a song that reminds me of a specific event in high school, or of a party I might have attended. Those emories are context memories, or episodic memories....

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4 Blocks: Way Too Picky...!
You who are "Nit Nannies" need to relax a bit. I still want teachers to "do" 4-Blocks the right way. But, we mustnít work ourselves into a frenzy, nor should we get close to having a script for teachers. We need to trust teachers as professionals to use and be guided by common sense. And, if I can say that (especially since Iíve been called the 4-Blocks Police Chief before!), you all should be able to relax a bit, too....

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July Is Teacher Gathering Month!
This month teachers from across the U.S. will travel thousands of miles just to meet their colleagues from Teachers.Net This month's cover story will show you where you can find a teacher gathering near you this month. So gas up your car, load up on snack food and fruit punch, and come out and live it up with the Teachers.Net teachers!
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Applying for Your First Job
Harry Wong explores job hunting in this month's "Effective Teaching" column. Get the inside edge, read the expert's tips and strategies for finding your first teaching job.
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Help with Kid Writing
Second of two installments by Isabell Cardonick, teacher and co-author of Kid Writing. Ms. Cardonick answers questions from kindergarten and grade one teachers. Full story

Students To Select Mars Landing Site
Mission to Mars, 2000 - Students across the U.S. have entered to win a spot as a Student Scientist on the Mars project "Red Rover Goes to Mars." Click to read the full story, and for other great projects promoted in the Teachers.Net Project Center.
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