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Volume 4 Number 2

When it comes to using their own money to purchase classroom materials and supplies, teachers have pockets deeper than Captain Kangaroo's...
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How to Retain New Teachers Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Curriculum, Instruction, Classroom Management, and Discipline Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
Strategies to Meet Standards, Promote Reading and Boost Skills Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber
Now is a Good Time Teachers As Learners by Hal Portner
Master Parents Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Six Traits Resources The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
College and University Sites The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
Joining the World of the Palm Pilot Users Ed-Tech Talk by Dr. Rob Reilly
Streamlining Your Self-Selected Reading Block 4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Dim Sum and Then Some: Discovering China with Children's Books! Postcard from Planet Esme - News from the world of children's books by Esmé Codell
Apple Seeds: Inspirational quotes by Barb Erickson
Special Days This Month by Ron Victoria
Classroom Photos by Members of the Teachers.Net Community
February Poem
Winter Memories
The Lighter Side of Teaching
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    Reading Contract
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    Why Be a Teacher? by smagee/k/tx
    I am feeling soooo good about this... by Tina
    Do you keep track of how you come to think the way you do? by Roger Fuller
    Why Can't We Clone Great Teachers? by Dave

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    Kathleen Carpenter - Editor in Chief
    Mary Miehl - Technical Editor

    Tips for Getting Published

    Kathleen Alape Carpenter - Editor
    Teacher Tax Relief Act Leaves Many Teachers Behind
    When it comes to using their own money to purchase classroom materials and supplies, teachers have pockets deeper than Captain Kangaroo's. An effort to provide some relief for teachers who spend significant amounts to equip classrooms and enhance school programs, the Teacher Tax Relief Act allows some educators to recoup at least part of what they spend...
    Cover Story

    Harry & Rosemary Wong
    How to Retain New Teachers

    New teachers come into the profession having invested years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars with the vision of making a difference in the lives of young people. It is a crime when they are just thrown into a classroom with no training or support...

    Dr. Marvin Marshall
    Curriculum, Instruction, Classroom Management, and Discipline

    A well-known international journal recently published an interesting article entitled, "The Brilliant Inventiveness of Student Misbehavior: Test Your Classroom Management Skills."

    Good article--but misnamed!...

    Full story

    Full story

    Hal Portner
    Now is a Good Time

    If there is a difference between the way things are and the way you would like them to be, and that difference bothers you professionally, you probably have identified a significant focus for your high-priority areas for professional growth...

    Full story

    Barbara Gruber
    Sue Gruber

    Strategies to Meet Standards, Promote Reading and Boost Skills

    Stay in education long enough and you'll experience the swings of the pendulum as educational trends come and go and then come back again with new names. The good news is you will eventually use all of your materials again!...

    LT Marshall Branch
    Greetings from Ross Island!

    We have now been at McMurdo Station for 2 weeks and we have really enjoyed flying in this incredible environment. So far, I have flown to Black Island, Cape Royds on Ross Island, the Dry Valleys on the mainland, and Marble Point. At Cape Royds, there is a penguin rookery being studied by Mr. David Ainley...

    Full story

    Full story

    Annette Breaux and Harry K. Wong
    Spotlight: New Teacher Induction book

    New Teacher Induction: How to Train, Support, and Retain New Teachers, a major book destined to be the most significant book for educators this year, has just been released...

    Full story

    Esmé Codell
    Dim Sum and Then Some: Discovering China with Children's Books! Back from a trip to Chinatown, where lucky red firecrackers are strung from store windows and dumplings steam on welcoming trays of dim sum…a warm contrast to the icy winds of Chicago's bitter winter winds! "Gung Hay Fat Choi " is the friendly greeting here; in other words, Happy Chinese New Year!...

    from the Teachers.Net Community


    This month's offerings;
    Sentence Builder Manipulatives
    Reading Contract
    Autobiography Assignment and Scoring Rubric...

    Full story

    Full story

    Also in this issue:

    Teacher Tax Relief Act Leaves Many Teachers Behind by Kathleen Alape Carpenter
    Spotlight: New Teacher Induction book by Annette Breaux and Harry K. Wong
    The 500-Pound Gorilla by Alfie Kohn
    Polar Bear Theme by Kerry Weisner
    A Teacher/Students Dialogue on Ernest Hemingway's Short Story, "A Day's Wait" by L. Swilley
    Greetings from Ross Island! - Update from Operation Deep Freeze by LT. Marshall Branch
    Editor's e-Picks - February Resources by Kathleen Alape Carpenter, Editor
    What Does It Take To Teach Middle School? by Middle School Teachers
    Technology Curriculum Tips by Jeff Cooper
    Writing Tips for Teachers - Part 2 by Joy Jones
    Which is more important: Teaching or Research and Publication? by Bikika T. Laloo
    "Three Little Pigs" Activities from the Kindergarten Chatboard
    Centers in a Tub from the Kindergarten Chatboard
    Planning a Reading Sleepover Party from the Teachers.Net mailrings
    Paulie's Igloo by Paulie Schenkelberg
    The NEA Foundation's Grant Opportunities for 2003 from: NEA
    "Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth" Workshop from: Ruth Herman Wells
    Tour and Educational Journey to Costa Rica from: Nancy Brunn
    Summer Scholars Program from: Karen Ellis
    Win Books for Your Classroom! from: Ellen Jackson
    Sackmann brings school lists to Educational CyberPlayGround from: Jim Leonhirth