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Volume 4 Number 8
New teacher induction . . . what does that have to do with me, a veteran educator?
It Takes a Community
to Induct a Teacher
When the Teacher Becomes the Student by Joe A. Martin, Ed.D.
Treating All Students With Dignity by Laura Dombrosky
Working with Emotionally Disabled Students by Susan Rismiller
Considering Writer's Workshop by Judy Mazur
Create Language Arts Success at Every Grade Level By Using TEACH Observe Publish by Jacqueline Rhoades
Teacher Resource Book Reviews from the Teachers.Net Community
Creation vs. Evolution - How Do Teachers Respond? from the Science Teachers' Chatboard
Common Mistakes Made by New Teachers from the Teachers.Net Chatboard
Tips for Nervous New Teacher from the Teachers.Net Chatboard
Math & Literacy Learning Centers for Upper Grades from the Teachers.Net Learning Centers Chatboard
Weekly Tests by P R Guruprasad
Editor's epicks for August by Kathleen Alape Carpenter
Journal Writing in Pre-K by Vanessa Levin
Beginning of School Letter from the Teachers.Net Early Childhood Mailring
The Kindergarten Center by Kathleen Carpenter
What to Do About Biters from National Association for the Education of Young Children
Batik - Lesson & Rubric for Grades 10-12 by Carolann Tebbetts
Healthy Living Tips from the Teachers.Net Chatboard
Create the Sounds of a Thunderstorm in the Classroom submitted by Virginia in Idaho
Good Football Fight Music, Cavalcade of Mascots Site, Football Organizations Online from the High School Chatboard
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Good Football Fight Music

Posted by Nick
on the High School Chatboard

I'm looking for some good football/fight songs kinda like "pump up" songs, any suggestions?

J12 responded:

The Horse
Rock & Roll Part II
Eye Of the Tiger
Gonna Fly Now
Theme from Shaft
Theme from Hawaii Five-O
Oye Coma Va

LRaider responded:
Here's the big12 page. I'm partial to the big 12, but if you go to the home page and choose Big 10, well nothing gets me going like that Penn State Fanfare!


Cavalcade of Mascots Site

Larry Frazier's Cavalcade of Mascots lists and provides background for many unique mascots representing high school and university sports teams, such as the Purple Cows of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts; the Alices of Vincennes Lincoln High School, Vincennes, Indiana; and the Criminals, of Yuma (Arizona) High School. Many more!


Football Organizations Online

NFL High School

National Football Foundation

Pro Football Hall of Fame

College Football Hall of Fame

Canadian Football Hall of Fame

International Football Hall of Fame

AFA Minor League Football Hall of Fame

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